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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boxes and balls and silos

   Ok... just a few points of clarification that I will try to write and touch on something in the course of my week that causes me deeper reflection. I have been on hospital inspections this week in a high prevalence H1N1 area .

   My other professional sides of life didnt change and still kept running in the background with presentations, contracts and consults. All of these factors led to many experiences and many reflections, some of which are bound by confidentiality agreements. I must say that the the common theme related to the taxonomy of the profession (which was the last real theme of this blog).. but now extending it further to the decisions that arise from that taxonomy. I saw alot of that this week and to hear people laugh that less than 2 weeks before had given up on life on life's terms warmed my heart.

   If my underlying premise is to do the right thing for the right person at the right time causing the least degree of negative impacts, we must look beyond the ego. Only with real awareness can we encompass and embrace and be aware of the impacts of our ego on our decision making process, whether it be personal OR professional. That may be an area that I will cover in future blogs, that being the Sedona Method. Whether it be a newly atypical disorder and working in a collaborative forum to help and achieve functionality, or stepping outside of our clinical silos... our root cause analysis is essential. 

   How is this relevant to a non-medical audience? Its huge. Looking at how WE can step out of our silos and understand other peoples needs, wants, concerns, hopes, dreams and aspirations makes us a little more caring, loving and giving. Love is an intelligent concern for others in part. I personally find that to give a little of myself, I get back far more in return.  I can GUARANTEE you, there are lots of wins out there waiting for you.

   So, be good to yourself, often.

---Joel Lamoure  October 2009 

11:34 am edt 

Friday, October 23, 2009

People of all seasons

  Awareness....over and over again issues and concepts and challenges come down to awareness. Life in the Western world is hectic and challenging and people tend to lose themselves in the fracas. How can you take the time and that your goals and objectives become met? Lets be SMART-ER. Let our goals and our strategic plan be in your mind Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and very Timely and we will be able to Evaluate Results. (SMART-ER).

   How to do this? We have to step back, reflect and assess and look at goals and objectives and this helps give us the strength to move ahead. Sometimes, as Ive personally found this week, one needs to step back, reflect and retrench the lines. As Ive alluded to before, strength and courage is taking a weakness and being able to use it to help others. I've had the opportunity this week to interact in a myriad of ways with brave individuals, winners and courageous people... these are the people who have actually stepped back from the increasing bipolarity of society and the resultant challenges it causes and/or their own pain and been brave enough to call it that despite potential for criticism and then move ahead to help others.

   How are these individuals able to help others and change with the seasons? There is a number of stress management techniques, but I believe immersion and awareness are key. They work SMART-ER, not harder and know what they want and see the dreams and along the way they help others. Ego does not get in the way, but their taxonomy (see post modified Oct 10/09) shines. Many times it must feel like the light is repressed, but true Fates, karmas and dogma with a touch of pragmatism do persevere. So many people benefit in so many ways from those enriched individuals that are true to themselves. Sadly, the recipients dont often give back to the individuals that are giving besides angst and frustration or even worse "label" them, much less have the insight (which is clouded in ego) to be able to "pay it forward".

    Music, the change of the leaves, racing, a gentle smile, an apple are enough to ground the inspired individuals and they are worth learning from. Never forget the fearless moral and personal inventory they do on a regular basis. Life is felt as it should, that is more intensely and richer. That ripples out in many, many ways.

  What is your hope, goal, dream, plans, objectives and what is in your way? Maybe its you and your delivery style and not stopping and listening to the music, seeing the smile or looking at the leaves. REALLY feel them.

  Be good to yourself, often.


--Joel Lamoure October 2009 




10:27 am edt 

Friday, October 9, 2009

Taxonomy of the person and profession (Updated Oct 10)

    There is a nobel pursuit in being able to help others. Medical, legal, artists, emergency workers, the goal and end objective is to help others. However, is there altruism and the true desire to help here? Herein lies the taxonomy of the professional. What is the drive behind the actions that they perform on a daily basis? I challenge there may be many that are short-sighted, self-centered or in it for the money. I can also GUARANTEE you that this impacts the end result. If we have a strong root in person centered care, or persona centered clinical methodology (PCCM/PCCIA) in medicine which I teach for first year medical students at the University of Western Ontario, then our outcomes will be purer and richer and better for all involved. A strong base and understanding, awareness and empathy translates up the triangle to be able to help others more accurately and consistently.

   Does it translate into positive personal and professional outcomes? Judging by our students' Week 6 essays and evaluations...yes. Self reflection and awareness translate in an academic setting into better outcomes for patients. Fearless moral inventory is tough and FEAR can stand for False Events Appear Real or Forget Everything and Run. A strong taxonomy allows clarity in the situation and more empathetic and compassionate outcomes I feel.

   What of our OWN personal taxonomy? How do we handle events, people, places and things? How does that translate into outcomes? Awareness, self-reflection and motivation plus more translate into different and better outcomes such as awareness and empathy when one can mirror and reflect.

   What is YOUR foundation and base of the taxonomy triangle? Herein lies the opportunities and the awareness and self-reflection. We know if the base of a triangle or the foundation of a house isnt strong, it might not support the upper structures. There may be visible cracks, but my hypothesis is more along the lines that the concrete is weak and its not until it is tested by addition of an action or attempts to build (such as an opportunity) that it may bring down the whole edifice. Cracked and weakened concretes often remain hidden. Taxonomy may APPEAR strong but in reality weak. An example might be someone gets a personal and professional opportunity by virtue of their efforts to date and then are so insecure they impact on others and their basic work. They are doing the new duties for the wrong reason by virtue of the weak structure and it becomes about them, no longer family or the profession. My observation is when that occurs, implosion and collapse is imminent. So it is essential that we fearlessly take a moral and structural inventory of ourselves. I believe Alcoholics Anonymous calls this the "Fourth Step".

   Think about these points as they relate to you. What is your structural foundation? What are your belief systems? Do you needlessly hurt others? Does your self-awareness, acre and empathy translate out to positive actions? Are your securities and insecurities mirrorable by others? 


    So..... Be yourself, often.


--Joel Lamoure   October 2009 


6:27 pm edt 

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Papers and stifling the light and filters


  Pursuant to the last discussion on masks, for those that don't have a comfort or familiarity or like thinking in the abstract world, lets us look at lights. For really, we are all incandescent lights of various wattage. With a light we get light and heat. What happens in the non-insulated world i our lights may not shine. Remember that we are each equipped with lights of various wattages. Then what happens if one takes a piece of paper and holds it in front of the light? It tends to dim the end result. The more pieces of paper, the more the resultant lux or luminosity is demonstrated and seen by others. What then if we place 500 sheets of paper in front of the light? At that point we KNOW that the light wont be able to shine or pentrate through all those layers.

   Now if we make this theory to people... the answers are much clearer. How much does your light shine through and are all those pieces of paper helping you or dampening your glow and potential influence to help others? What impact does all that paper have on a person's or society's mental health?

   And when you see a persons light, what is your thoughts and perceptions.. Do you know why that person has that luminosity showing? These are your filters and its critical to be aware of those. Filters can protect, but they can hurt yourself and others by the one sidedness. And everyone in the world has a different filter. Awareness of the filter helps with empathy, understanding, caring and compassion.

   Think outside the box. This goes into the taxonomy of the professional and the taxonomy of the individual. So... Be yourself, often.


--Joel Lamoure October 2009 


12:53 pm edt 

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