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Friday, July 23, 2010

Tale of 2 Perspectives

   Here we go my friends, another week has gone by and what a week it has been. The sort of week that makes you think of inspiration and miracles. The sort of week that makes me realize as humans we can do anything we believe in if we set our minds to it. The sort of week that makes me wonder what the 90% of the brain that we don't use could actually do what it is forced to be activated from its dormancy.

  This is a Tale of Two Cities. Or two universes, or perhaps more accurately a tale of 2 perspectives. On one side there is nothing wrong with Person A from a health perspective. But they make their own problems, stew in their own juices and have resentments the size of Texas (nothing against my Texan friends, y'all just have the biggest state). But physically they are fine. And what derails their ability to produce and get things done in harmony? To be able to effectively work with others? To be able to come to any consensus on any issue and make molehills into mountains? The correct answer is the problem is Person A and their perspective. Life is going on around them and they cant appreciate the trees for the forest. Seriously people. Look fearlessly at yourself and be willing to amends where at all possible unless to do so would harm others. But first of all realize that you are powerless over the feelings of frustration and hate and anger. Sadly, you are just sucking it up and YOU are so better than that! Ditch the toxicity. From a close friend that taught me this 5 years ago with the Sedona method, When do I want to get rid of the toxicity? Now. If the answer is not "Now", you value it... sorry to tell you that Person A. Your health is good, your mind is ill.

   On the flip side is Person B, a high functioning young professional who became blind over a 2 week period. Person B is the person I alluded to in last weeks blog. Her primary lament? That she is separated from the family at work that have helped her evolve over the past 3 years. That she wants to be back with her patients (paediatric cancer and psychiatry patients- not for the faint of heart) and learn from the blindness and progress to be an even better practitioner and give back to the patients, even at this stage of the blindness. This is a person that knows and practices what she preaches about her taxonomy. How would we be and what is valuable to us if we lost a critical sense? Its no suprise to me that weeks ahead of schedule her vision is starting to return in mists and lines. Its the attitude and the belief system. That she is able to feel the gifts that we have given her and cherish that and channel in a healthy way. Some part in the Hope, Faith and Belief and I believe usage of a part of that 90% of her brain is healing her beyond what we would rationally expect in the world of medicine. Person B... your health was ill but your mind is good.

   My friends, which are you and what group do you collaborate and liaise with? And more importantly, where do you want to be? A or B, your choice. Be yourselves, often.


--- Joel Lamoure   July 2010 



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Friday, July 16, 2010

Blindness versus Vision... Hope, faith and belief systems.
The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. Helen Keller.

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Mark Twain.

   Here we are yet again at another week and another posting my friends. Time to sit back and relax and put on the mental thinking caps and try to imagine what would happen if we opened our hearts and minds, just for a moment and let in what normally does not permeate the challenges and intricacies of our busy day. This week I have had a close friend and colleague afflicted with sudden onset blindness and was the week where I could put my money where my big mouth and blog is. A week of stepping back and reflecting on what is important.

  As I am writing this, I am getting reports from the field of what basic human kindness means. As the week has progressed I have had the opportunities to stop and reflect on the basic taxonomies, support systems, care, empathy and human support and need for that human support. I believe somewhere I have written that courage is to take a challenge that you have yourself and turn it into a strength to help others. I know of many such people, especially with a debilitating neurological challenge like Intracranial Hypertension (IH). I have had the extreme opportunity to see the giving side of these amazing people with IH and their ability to help others, give support and share. That is very fortunate as now the neurological problems have impacted me and I can take these learnings and skills and opportunities from the IH group and apply these learnings for my colleague. To demonstrate a wee bit of courage and observe just how much mindfulness and centricity in the moment is important.

  What would you do if you could not see? What if you had something that in a short length of time changed your career and life as you know it? What is important to you? How much strength and fortitude would you show? How much moxie do you really have? What support systems would you turn to and have you lived your life as such that others would WANT to help? Many high level philosophical questions.

  This week I have had the great opportunity to see that up close and personal and test to see what I am made of. More importantly to see what others are made of. A chance more though to observe all the sighted people and see that so many go through life with perfect sight and no vision as alluded to in Helen Keller's quote above. No vision beyond themselves and no vision how to help others. No vision beyond how they are impacted. I know this touches into past discussions on the inherently narcissistic western world, but just hits home. So many people so unhappy without probable cause or exponentially blown out of proportion. What really is important? But I am happy to see and report, so much love, kindness and human hearts out there.

   The summary really relates around that feeling of full hope, faith and belief. My belief systems have been tested this week, but only to a fraction of my colleague's. They are still full of hope and faith that this is what is meant to be and by learning and observing with the heart the taxonomies and belief system holds even stronger. On the other side of the darkness is light. Even in blindness there is peace and mindfulness and in darkness is where the belief system is tested the strongest I believe. To reach out and to share your chellenges to help others is the epitome of courage. 

  On a separate yet related note, thank you Matthew at the MacOutpost store in London for keeping Jessica connected with the world. May you know that what you have done and the kindness and experiential support that you showed is an act worth acknowledging and emulating. That by going well above and beyond any level of expectation will benefit her short term, but also ripple out in concentric circles and help Jessica and ultimately her patients on the other side. Salute my friend.

  Be yourselves, often.

                                                   --- Joel Lamoure July 2010
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Praise Mediocrity. Know the Code.

   Ok my friends, for the first time in the past 10 months there has been so much that I truly do not have a specific issue to target. July has been a month of challenges starting from Day 1 and progressing herein. The week has been filled with experiences and observations ranging from the smell of victory to the agony of defeat. However, the radio station has been erring towards the Country and Western station C-SAD, so lets see where we go with this week.

  Good people get hurt. Thats a statement I learned a long time ago and yes, they do get their positives that are due, but it may take years. That is the most interesting is the they and you carry yourselves when you get hurt, have bad news or someone slights you. There reverts back to the individuals root operating system or disk operating system a few lines of code that they have. I know that code is in part nature, in part nurture and in part development and learnings. That is what they believe in and what they do and why they do that act. Their taxonomy, their faith. That runs the DOS. That can get people through the other bad stuff. WE have that control and can write that code in part. But we also need to know how to read that code, use it and appreciate it. I have the honour of knowing people with disabilities and undergoing huge medical and psychological stressors that have honour, integrity and courage more than any able bodied, whiny wimp with a fully functional body and psyche. Its how ya shake it baby. Peace, patience, silence, humility and serenity are all cornerstone and key integral to the process. Do you WANT to be a victim or a champion for change of the system? It is so your call and your choice. Can't change the world. Tried that, been there.... failed miserably. But we can make our small world better by 1 person at a time, even in times of challenges making someone else's day brighter. Altruism... tough word, practiced often... never seen. But never doubt it is there and played out by legions of brave souls. And the more these brave hearts and warm souls give to others by smiling, poetry, itty bitty gifts, investing time, singing or a helping hand or gesture I truly believe (if its naive, I dont care) they move themselves to the central core of positives.

  The positives are far easier, but we lose them in self delusions and congratulatory. I said before for someone to win then someone has to lose. I decided to put my money where my mouth was this week and see if I could do that exercise, to sacrifice my win so someone equally if not more skilled could take the win. Not as easy as it sounds, but I did do it because I believed in the outcome for my patients and education. Maybe not suprisingly, all parties won. If I cant give it away, maybe never shouldve had it in the first place.Is the concept of win and loss a convenient label that maybe we should look at from another angle? A point for future musings and blogs. So it helped reinforce there really isnt a win or a loss... ITS ALL IN THE PERSPECTIVE and how you handle it! 

  But the days are full of small things, blade of grass, rays of sun, dark of clouds and smiles of friends. That my friends is the mediocrity of life. And it is incredible, one tiny piece at a time! Life the dream it has to offer, fully and be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure July 2010 

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Perspective... Friend or Foe?

  The further things are away, the smaller they seem.  An interesting thought in these days where everything in a more Western culture is inherently focussed on being ego centric. This item, this purchase, this size is all about me and my needs.  When something great happens to us, its amazing to us and a potential point of jealousy for the next person. When something crap happens to us, it hurts us the most and then radiates out.

  I ramble. Perspective.... why this topic this week? It is really what I have seen and people that have been horribly wounded and betrayed this week and on the converse I have seen people get incredible news (sadly the minority this week) and then watched responses outwards from others. There would be what I consider to be an almost pathological reaction in many cases. Certainly exceedingly horrible news carries forward, like a really big building that blots out the skyline and you can still see it 10km away. But positive news does seem to fade very fast. Maybe thats a cultural and media driven issue? 1 human interest story for every 9 horrible exercises on man impacting man or man impacting nature or nature impacting man. Newspapers and television news media outlets sell that tragedy. 

  Interestingly, like a tragedy or a positive and what garnered my thoughts and attention is its a small core group that are passionate and supportive and stays with you always. Know those people and hold them close like diamonds. Support may not come from those you expect would. Thats an error in perspective and often clouded by one of the seven deadly sins that I wrote on before if reinforcements or assistance is not forthcoming. Just because you help doesnt mean they will. Just because you care doesnt mean they would. Just because its your problem doesnt mean someone will care. Look to the person that is putting out that helping hand. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved. And more importantly when something negative does happen to you, remember that it is you and your perspective is too close to the trees and thus cant see the forest. Here is time to step back and assess and talk it through. Do you want to be a victim or can others help your perspective? Its very rarely the situation itself, but the aftermath after that defines how it is categorized in our memories. If you look for positives, no matter what they are or negatives, no matter what they are I will guarantee that you will find them. Human nature.

   Time as well in the same individual for the same situation offers a great perspective of time and a tincture of time. That is for a very valid reason so we dont forget the situation, but it decreases in impact across time. Like a wound that has been allowed to heal with negatives. How we react to the situation defines the outcomes of healing and length of time to heal. Its like the theory that the sooner we can get a wounded to the hospital and off the battlefield, the better the long term prognosis. Sadly the wins and highs never last as long. Industry knows that so selling you lots of stuff for those temporary wins.

   Know not just your perspective of the situation when it happens, but who are your closest allies if there is a positive and negative and the next step after that is to have an idea how others will feel about the situation. I can guarantee that it wont be the same of yours. That awareness is the key to perspective. How you perceive the event and situation and what you do with that perspective defines the outcomes and how you as an entity moves forward.

   Be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure   July 2010 

8:01 am edt 

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