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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas vs Boxing Day. The Miracles of Life Explored....

   Christmas is done the presents unwrapped, the gifts sorted and played with and the family safely by the fireplace. Peace and goodwill to all mankindkind, hallelujah and pass the potatoes please. Sing praises to the Almighty. Let me tell you as a collectve society, the day darn near wipes us out and the lucky ones get 3 more days to recoup. Otherwise, today being the proverbial day after to best others and save the great almighty dollar you are in the trenches with the Boxing Day fanatics out there ready for a bargain.

   OK folks.... borderline, bipolarity and multiple personality abounds in the above statement. "Bless you" on Saturday and "F^%k you" on the 26th? The most rewarding story I know of personally is a lovely lady who this year had cancer, underwent treatment, has little besides her son and a few friends and felt she had enough to give to help and volunteer with homeless. And you know what, she will do it again and again. That sort of person that makes us "learned professors" realize we know poop about humankind and human nature. Where are you learning from and what do those people do in the real day to day operations of life? Thats a critical piece of information. A resident who gave his life to help mental health suffering in Canada, thousands of miles from home. A past addict helping addicts. Dignity in the final moments of life provided by a kind word. A person that can express themselves in dress and love. The blind teaching the sighted. A man fighting bullying in the face of constant torment. A beautiful poem made from the heart. Telling your own story to prevent it happening again to another. A simple smile. The gifts of positive karma. The list goes on and on if I look back across the year.

   Those my friends are the unsung heros.I am so fortunate to be surrounded by people like that. 2010 was the year of heros for me. Thank you God for all of them and may I learn even more from people like that, the Miracles that exist day to day on this Earth. This is what we do on Chistmas but they practice in the face of adversity all 365 days a year. The give the gifts of Themselves. This is a key principle. Not for any other reason than they have a gift and believe it should be shared. The have hope, faith, belief and conviction. THESE are the people to surround yourself with and to learn from. Not the poofers and naysayers or those that only have enough for themselves.

  The opposite is alcoholism, aggression, bullying, snide comments, disparaging remarks, rude comments, being ostracized, selfishness, narcissism and these are all losses. Fortunately the people I have been with this year have by in large not been of this vein. But I have seen so so many and those very close to me hurt by these ignorant bullheaded jerks. Wait, thats too harsh. Nopes, screw it... I'll leave it in. They are the contrary and opposite to the above. The black to the white.

  Im not trying to change the world (today), but look at yourself and watch what you do and what you say. Are you casting a stone and do you deserve to? And.... what sort of world do YOU want?

  Be yourself, often.


                         --- Joel Lamoure   December 2010



4:15 pm est 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Define Insanity

   Ok my friends and welcome to this weeks instalment of the blog. I was trying to fish around for topics today and the one that struck my mind is the evolution in careers, personalities and events that have transpired over the past months. A period where there have been erroneous expectations, a period of human capital sacrifices in the name of the great god Industrialization and Commercialization and resulting in fear, anxieties, frustrations, capital losses, financial losses, breaches of trust, loss of confidence and displays of wanton stupidity. Welcome to North America, one week before Christmas, 2010. A time when in the news is a man trying to marinate his cat and there is an $11M Christmas tree in the desert. Welcome to the great days of WTF and OMG and similar three and four letter acronyms.

  This is insanity. I had several interviews this week with "patients" and in their discussions had the realization once again that the real psychiatric hospital is the one where people are doing the atrocities listed above and people are trying to to their best with what they have. I put the word patient in quotes as the discussions were very real, very heartfelt and more than I get from non-admitted people. They were stark raving sane actually. As such, we are in a society that reflects that we truly, as I have articulated before and strongly believe that we are "Model T Fords in a Ferrari society". The past 3 weeks in December have not steered me away from that thought. Engines blow and then these people become my patients and we chat and learn.

   Insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I actually then think there are different levels of insanity and can be reflected looking at different people, projects, departments, structures etc. All repeating the same exercise an expecting a different result. The converse can be said for sanity and these people look from different ways and try new things and get a different outcome. Shock of the freaking day! They get results!

   Bad tired can present in many ways including stress, calling in sick, anger, heartburn, substance abuse, substitute addictions (including excessive internet, drugs, pornography, sex and other vices), violence, excessive debt, alcoholism to the point you lose yourself and the police carry you out of your home etc. Count me out of that insanity. Nopes and no siree-bob.

   The late Harry Chapin once articulated that there are 2 types of tired. A good tired and a bad tired. The bad tired is when you lose yourself in the day and the day is based on other peoples hopes, dreams and goals and there is very little of you in there. The good tired is that you fought your hopes, goals and dreams and at the end of it, even if you didnt win... they were based on your dreams. Thats a good tired. I believe that there is so much drain and loss and insanity as we are spending our days in a cycle of "bad tired" and then getting even more entrenched in the wins of the past and the fears of the future and we lose the wins of today. So we need to find our wins and our hopes and our goals in the day, even if it is a small win... as then it can be a good tired. Step back from the chaos and anarchy of the day and forced objectives and remember there is YOU in there and treasure that.

  Remember what the season REALLY is about, please and you have the choice in regards insane or sane. Me, Im ready for a good sleep and will "just settle down for a long winters nap.", and if you want your insanity.... dont say I didnt warn ya. I'll see you on the inside. Be yourself, often my friend.


--- Joel Lamoure December 2010   

5:06 pm est 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Embracing all that comes our way... a choice

   Sorry Im a bit late this week my friends as given the amazing amount of snow and delays and extra shifts Ive been pushed a bit behind on my normal schedule my friends. Thank goodness they have called in the Military to help us out and just West of here is under a state of emergency. Happy December in Canada my friends.

  This week (and a bit) has been an excellent exercise now that I am able to stop and take a breath to realize the choices that are made and how they ripple out in concentric circles. To keep historical events quiet in the interests of preserving people on a need to know basis is one just such event to cause pause for thought. In the interactions Ive had this week that history overtakes the present and destroys the present and possibly the future. To attempt to save work and get derailed by ambitious projects. All of these are events seen that in best interests, yet by accident or design have caused a myriad of unpleasantries unfold. Choices my friends, it truly is about choices. We can be the victims or make a difference. We can choose to move ahead or let our pasts steamroller us. But life is so fragile and limited.

  I have had the opportunity to engage this week plus with a person in discussion that ended with the premise that the way to live life was to "embrace all that comes our way". Now, those of you that know me would figure I would want to add another step to that, but fortunately I was silenced and made to reflect that might be all. That we embrace whatever comes our way. That we then embrace the opportunities and learnings and choices that extend from this and move. To get mired in the past means the choices and decisions will be made wrong. To embrace with a wrong set of premises based on greed will only hurt others. To embrace with the ego is to fail.

  Do you want to be BMW (Bitchy, Moany or Whiny) or come up with a solution to what is in front of you that is perceived to be a challenge. If you cant channel and come up in a dynamic to be a solution, then do not become a casualty of the sequence of events. Just more work for us to clean up. Just say no to the BMW Syndrome. 

  Human nature is about choices. That we live a life that we can look at ourselves in the mirror is important as then we can make edcuated and informed decisions that are right for us and those close to us. That we embrace our truths and taxonomies and not greed and fallacies are paramount, as then we can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. To have that mirror held up and say I have no regrets in my life. You cant change it anyways... so push through the storm. I may have those that dont agree with me or like me, and thats ok as I stand for what I believe in and embraced based on the decisions and evidence that appeal to the greatest good and greatest number. 

  In doing so, you can be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure     December 2010 

11:18 am est 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Power to Change a World...

  The Power lies within each of us as we have the ability to use the gifts of the mind and connections with others to advance better outcomes. To be able to share of ourselves, even if it means to move ourselves into a state of discomfort. We have the ability to make a choice and the choice will then ripple out in concentric circles...

  I have stated many times that we are candles, that we have gifts, that we need to become less of ourselves and more of giving and others. That we sadly are in a world that seems like evil gets all the attention, the loudest and most annoying people get the qrease of the wheel that could be used in other places, that the greedy get wealthier and the poor get poorer. That the bad news offsets the good news at a frequency ratio of 10:1.

  But we all have time and we all have the abilities to speak and have the ability of choice. That is the purpose this week as we gear into the chaos of the Christmas season. Stop, reflect, give of yourselves. Use these gifts wisely. It is not the biggest gift or the most expensive. It really isnt. Happiness is not measured in money, happiness is something that I feel is outcome driven that is started with actions that we have the choice to start and then propagate. An email, a laugh, a word of encouragement and word of hope can be the difference in another person's life. To give the gift of lifting another up to allow them to shine is antithetical to the general commercialism ego-centric Western society. Mental health disorders in English speaking North America have a prevalence 20-25 fold that of Third World Countries. Why?

  Give the gift that can change the world. Remember the "Butterfly Effect". That is that if a butterfly flaps its wings in one place, it will have marked impacts around the world on the destination countries' weather. Akin to that and just as devastating, we can be "The Shot Heard Around the World" which although referring to a number of historical events, is typically ascribed to the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand that ushered in the "Great War", the "War to End all Wars" that sadly 21 years later became known as "World War 2". 

  If mankind has the ability through 1 snowflake to unleash an avalanche of destruction, might we able t do the opposite and change the world for the better? Its worth a try my friends.. that is my challenge to you. And most of all, you can do that by being yourselves, often. 


--- Joel Lamoure December 2010 


11:09 am est 

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