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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Small details define large outcomes

Gentle readers, welcome again to another weekly instalment of what we would consider to be an occasionally inspirational blog. Where I take the challenges and dynamics of the week and try to translate them into outcomes and learnings. After all, isnt everything that we see in the course of the day and every interaction an opportunity to learn? OMG that we could ACTUALLY learn from someone "lesser" than us, whether that be a subordinate, child or homeless person? No, not possible... for I am the person that teaches, not others!

If you are SO wrapped up in this delusion, allow me to put you under a cold shower and slap you silly. For it is everything and the miracles of life that allow us to learn. I teach medical students and residents of the apple philosophy, which you may find on the hyperlink. It truly is the fact that everything exists within everything and that WE as human beings basically have worked our way to the top, not by being able to focus on the minutiae, but rather through the ability to exert some of of our most negative virtues. We destroy, rape and pillage the village that we call the big blue marble (aka the Earth). 

Shhh.... I'm trying to be inspirational quiet! Sigh. What DOES matter at the end of the day to each of us? Are we being "penny wise and pound foolish?" I actually suggest yes is the correct answer. We as a species are focussed on the immediate gratification and tend to get loss in the milieu of instant gratfication.

What if, just what if we as a human species were able to appreciate the small things? The kind word of another, the tender touch when we are sick, the colour of the sky and the formations of the cloud and become one with those non-cost driven objectives? I do know that it is something that we capture from time to time when our defences are down. It is an act of Commission (meaning a deliberate act) that we can capture those. Per wit, that means we have to work at this objective. This is the free will covenant that we have been allowed, the choice. Which way would you like to go? To appreciate a fine scent or give everything for what is behind Door Number 2, the fine car and every material possession? The retail therapy that lights up the pleasure reward system for a short time? Do you want more small wins that are endogenous (meaning from within ourselves) or the one big exogenous win (meaning external to us)? What is more important and what defines a win in YOUR eyes? That question is up to you to answer, not me. That is the free will covenant. What defines happiness is different to each person and how do you invest your resources, capital and non-capital?

My friend, unless we be ourselves, often... I suggest we are winning the battle, but losing the war.


--- Joel Lamoure   January 2011  


11:04 am est 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What matters at the end of the day?

   Ok folks, gentle readers and those that subscribe to this blog (all 3 people). I apologize for being late (again) this week as its been a time myself of stopping and reflecting and wondering what to write. What is important and what makes the biggest difference at the end of the day. I have had great opportunities to watch and learn from people this week that had no intention up front of teaching me anything. Actually sometimes those are the most impactful learnings I find.

  The past 24hrs in exile I have been able to step back and reflect on the things that drive live, the people that we meet, the items that we have, the gestures that we make and the adventures that we have and share. I will agree that everyone sees things in a different light and what is important to some are useless pieces of shiat to others. My goal is not to impose or force my will on others, but to cause us as human beings to think and reflect as well.

  Bad things happen to good people and very inspired individuals and great opportunities are given to those that may not seem deserving. I see the opportunities lie here in levelling the playing field. I have enough believe in love, life and empowerment that that might actually happen. To step and aid, even in a small way with my gifts that I have been given to step up to the plate and aid a hero that is in need. There are sadly very many of them out there. The people that have been blinded, crippled and or beat by societal demands and dictates. Yet these people practice and live with pride and integrity. The hero that gives their time and resources to help less fortunate and bolster their potentially fragile egos and feelings and show them some in the world DO care.

  The person that we look to isnt the people at the top of the societal game usually. Rich people are too busy hanging on to their wealth and items and possessions, no matter how they got them. The poor person is struggling to make ends meet, yet in my experience those that give and help are those that ARE at a more dis-advantaged state. They give of time, love, caring and experiences.

  Maybe, just maybe what really matters at the end of the day isnt how much money I have, the car I drive, my house on the lake and my symbols and trapping of status. Heck, it didnt work too well in Sodom and Gomorrah did it. Ouch. See the crash baby, dont write and see ya! Maybe we are creating that psychopathology again, I dont know and will save that for a theological discussion one day. Sorry, I digress. What is REALLY important is being true to your belief system and standing by it 110%, not backbiting others and integrity/consistency. Put that money where your mouth is.

  At the end of the day, none of us get out alive in this realm. So at the end of this exercise...what are MY deliverables? I want the opportunity and joy of a smile, to have helped another and feel the experiences that exist in my own backyard of life. Doesnt have to be Paris or exotic travel or far oversees, but experiences and charity begins with those you know. At the end of the day, that kind word, smile and experience is what is remembered. To be otherwise is to be dis-connected with who we are. That creates dis-ease. I will have Nunavut. I would rather spend my time and energies with those that can advance that same curve and pay it forward. But to do that, we must know ourselves fearlessly, pay it forward, put our currency where our mouth is. To know yourself, you must be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure January 2011 

4:38 pm est 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Living Life Well.... With Intention

  Mindfulness and being in the moment seem to be common thoughts over the course of the past week. The topic itself was brought to me by a good friend and gentle reader but I must admit was very timely for myself. What can people take and what does an illness, disability or handicap really impair a person? What is that label and what do we DO with that challenge? Thats the true test and how it translates into intelligent concern and caring actions.

  Able bodied individuals are busy gaining, collecting and filling their house with stuff, just for them. "Each thing I rush through so I can do something else" is a line from a great poem "Pursuit" by Stephen Dobyns which I wholeheartedly suggest reading. 

  I do not usually add in full poems, but I attach here the full poem "Pursuit" by Stephen Dobyns:

" Each thing I do I rush through so I can do 
something else. In such a way do the days pass - 
a blend of stock car racing and the never 
ending building of a gothic cathedral. 
Through the windows of my speeding car, I see 
all that I love falling away: books unread, 
jokes untold, landscapes unvisited. And why? 
What treasure do I expect in my future? 
Rather it is the confusion of childhood 
loping behind me, the chaos in the mind, 
the failure chipping away at each success. 
Glancing over my shoulder I see its shape 
and so move forward, as someone in the woods 
at night might hear the sound of approaching feet 
and stop to listen, then, instead of silence 
he hears some creature trying to be silent. 
What else can he do but run? Rushing blindly 
down the path, stumbling, struck in the face by sticks; 
the other ever closer, yet not really 
hurrying or out of breath, teasing its kill."

   Maybe, just maybe as opposed of writing more, collecting my thoughts on this poem and then expressing them, I will let "Pursuit" stand for itself and let my eyes stare are the stars, behold a friends laugh and welcome a warm touch. To let my minds eye open up and feel the warmth and golden light that exists within and live in the moment of the moment. To be myself and love the moment all all the miracles it encompasses and can be created. Life is fleeting but the impact we can have through the details is absolutely endless. We dont have to be this perfect, ideal person or whatever we are "told" to be. We can just be us and if we do it with great delight and respectful of our friends, colleagues and more. Wow. Remember from a previous blog that LOVE is "An intelligent concern for others." The path is endless....

  Thanks to my amazing friends and the power of the moment, especially over the past couple of weeks. You truly have been yourselves, often.


                               --- Joel Lamoure    January 2011 

7:38 pm est 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Judge not, lest ye be judged...

Happy New Year to 2011 this year my friends. I must say already it has all the wrappings and packaging and optics and deliverables of 2010. So, everyone that was all keen and eager on the turn of a second changing time and outcomes... sorry. Actually, no.... I'm not really sorry as you set yourselves up for that one. New Year, new resolutions= New you? Nope. That takes peace, patience, effort and determination. 7 days since Jan 1st is at best only a third of the way to establishing new behaviours from a psychological perspective, and thats with therapy and interventions. Why do people expect things to come easy to them and that they are entitled in Western societies? Is it an offshoot of politics and media interventions since the 1930's? Oh a debate for a philosophical few.

Very interesting shortened work week and I believe this week will all be about new starts. Repackaging that "New Deal" that was supposed to come Jan 1st (which didnt....see above paragraph). Why is it that human kind has the fascinating ability in Western cultures to get immersed in little details? Honestly, I TRULY do not care about the size of Snooki and her breasts. How much energy do we spend on "other-than-us" issues? Does that time ever come back? Nope. Its one of those see you, bye-byes issues.

Gold was $1000 an ounce a few years back and is $1420 as of last week. Its a diminishing resource along with all the other fossil fuels and rare elements that I am right now using to type out this blog. Good trade off? Nope, not really. But there isnt any more unless alchemy can move us ahead on this lead to gold issue. What of time? Seems to be an infinite amount so I dont feel that we value it to the degree that we do.

Lets expand on that concept and construct. Time is money but really has a limited cash value that is variable depending on the individual, credentials etc etc etc. Is the same one hour spent giving a lecture worth the same one hour spending time with a child? Seems like time is infinite and in a society where we are "all about me" people are very selfish with their time. It goes along the line that I would rather do something for me thus you suffer. EOS my friends. Others suffer. End Of Story. Why hasnt the value of time gone up 42% in the past 5 years? 

Judgment hurts... its bullying and people suffer. Unless you truly know all facets of the situation and what that person has gone through, please shut up. You are only diminishing any respect I may have had for you. Let the dreamers conceptualize and the hard-headed types construct. Use your time wisely as one can not well become a jack of all trades. Sadly, even into the otherly realms we see the pettiness and vice and jealousy and scandal and well documented in theological literature as a mortal sin. Much less some of the entitled princes and princesses I deal with on a daily basis. BMW as you recall the acronym.

I want to remind you that what is important to you may not be valuable to others. However, one must resect that there ARE differences in what we do, how we think, what we value etc etc etc ad nauseum. But what is valuable to YOU is what translates through into your best work. Is it always right? In my experience, the stuff that I do isnt always right, but something I believed in and was able to advance the therapeutic thought process by listening to suggestions that others make. I personally value time and compartmentalize and optimize outcomes. How? I know what is not valuable to me, or I am not good at or such and let the real experts do that. And an expert is just another person like me... one of the 6 Billion-odd people on this big rolling blue marble. I will not spend my time second guessing, judging or wasting my resources on your stupidity or issues that you have created. I would rather take that time and write, learn and explore. And I will gladly share that with like minded people. There are very few of these people that you are given in a lifetime and I hold them so very close.

If my mind seems disconnected in in the sky.... maybe it is. Beats where you are.

Want to find yourself? Take a good dose of humility and only then can you be yourself, often. 


--- Joel Lamoure January 2011 

9:32 am est 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Giving and Receiving the Gifts of Receipt

  Hope, faith and belief... these are critical elements and we must have Faith that there is a reason for everything and it is what we do with the events that transpire that determine the doors that subsequently open. A strong Belief that even when the chips are down (for we rarely stop and reflect as to why things are wonderful, but get the "poor me" when things are down) that "this too shall pass" and as opposed to cursing our beshitted lot and son of a bi-atch, I get the black marble in life and never the radiant crystal that it really IS for a reason. And most of all is Hope. Hope is the meshwork that channels it all together and is intricately intertwined with the other two.

  On this New Years Day, 1/1/11, it is a time that many are making INCREDIBLE resolutions that will last, well... 1 week. Maybe 2. Sorry folks... most resolutions blow. Maybe, just maybe you will detonate like the Challenger in 1986 and then see you later, don't write, bye-byes.

  Its not about the shiniest car, boat, number of gift cards, fanciest stuff that matters. The gifts are there already that last longer if you are aware and living in the moments of time, not of items. How can I say that? SO sacrilegious against the great god commercialism.... Mon Dieu! Well......

  ...In the week between Christmas an New Years, I have had the incredible good fortune to be involved with some very talented people with incredible hope, faith and belief. A couple in London here and some scattered across the world. Some I have known for days, some years and some lifetimes. These are people who are inspired, creative and have much Hope, Faith and Belief. It is a pleasure to watch healings take place close and across distances, for the blind to lead the sighted and the hurt to lead the healers. Again, I have observed these transpire, as could you. Many examples so close to you, at arm's length even. In your circle of friends, colleagues, co-workers. Often, they are those shunned. A crime, but thats a discussion for another day.

  No my friends, I do not wear a tinfoil hat or drool in my porridge but look to these amazing miracles that exist on a day to day experience. They are there and just need someone to shut up and listen to the incredible stories of courage and strength. Amazing indeed. Believe it or not, in North America, Europe etc there are those still labelled and persecuted for their views. Not able to advance, not being able to live in their own skin, made to be ostracized for our protection. Hallelujah, pass the plate. Can you say we are saving the world through bullying. Not at all. Ive talked of bullying before and my advice, take the cotton out of your ears and shove it in your....mouth.

  To believe there are miracles, seeing is believing. "Show me the money!". Want a money shot? Let the scales fall from your eyes. Then, and only then can life open its vistas my friend. Appreciate the intricacies of detail, the warmth of the breath and the miracles in life.... in a touch, smile, heartbeat.

  They are there for your taking you know and only thing holding you back, is 

  So be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure January 2011 

8:22 am est 

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