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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Conformity is killing us. Spare a cup o'happiness?

My gentle reader friends, this will end the February series on the "Square peg, Round hole" blogs. I dont necessarily want to beat the concept to death but what started out as a single event and writing  should not end up being my version of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series. Somehow, just somehow I suspect this will keep visiting and lurking in the shadows of the other thoughts, blogs and actions. So be it.

This is an easy read today, short in length and I hope high in impact. Conformity causes to to do, dress, think, act and play what everyone else does. To actually advance and push the human race forward. There are actually 2 arms and paths here that are NOT the same. One is to advance humanity (see the link) and the other push the human race forward. I have said many times before that we are Model T Fords in a Ferarri Society. We have these lovely toys, gadgets, special coffee and societally crave sushi and platinum catalytic converters in their cars in our Western Society (Capitals for a reason-tongue in cheek).

Stop for a second and consider if our DNA has appreciably changed in the past 10000 years and then stop, just stop and think from a Monty Python perspective what a man who lived in the forest who hunts and gathers would do if an iPhone landed from the great unknown, with 4G Connectivity and all the cool GPS apps. Must admit that that line and mental makes me smirk a wee bit. 

Well thats us dudes. Dont forget we still kill and have the root sin which is pride coarsing through our veins. We as a culture are more religious allegedly... but to what? Hmmm. Mine is not to judge. But, this premise and the forest man with his iphone and subsequent jealousies from other forest dwellers become the advancing culture and society. This progresses to fifedoms, wars and expectations when filtered through pride. Conformity and rules and denigration of scarce resources and always buying and needing new. Rape of the earth, not reusing, not conserving, always replacing. Earths lifespan by this sort of pillage and a period of not being able to regrow? There is a book through UN studies by Jerome Binde entitled "Making Peace with the Earth" and the premise is the year 2050.

Lets advance humanity as the other arm of this equation. Michelangelo with his David masterpiece said he saw the David living in the rock and his job was to carve it out, which was completed in 1504. Advancing humanity means to give power not to the societal demands and expectations (that has a 40 year shelf life left as above) but the harder one of humanitarian care. That there be hope, faith and belief in what we do. That we CAN appreciate the small things in liFe Dr Carlson says "Dont Sweat the Small Stuff." Professor Lamoure says "Embrace the Small Stuff".

... only that way can we remove this delusion we have in society and the entitlement.To reuse, reduce, recycle. Avoid the big places, and eschew the major excesses that are not conducive to advancing life, but add creature comforts. Those that know me personally know I am like that in what I do and have, how I buy and what really is important to me. Want happiness? Embrace the small stuff, for only then can we be ourselves, often.


--- Joel Lamoure  February 2011 


6:49 am est 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Free Will Covenant vs Conformity

How and what and when do you do what you do? What are the root causes behind your decisions and how are the thought, dreams, goals, aspirations, designs, and such transposed into reality? For these must be done through your filters and your root cause base operating code that exists within you. That then expresses itself in how the objectives translate into.hat do the outcomes look like once they have a piece of the REAL us in it versus a forced, contrived square peg in the round hole mentality. I found this link shortly after posting last week's blog to a great You Tube Video entitled "Think Differently"

But my gentle and careful and wise readers of this blog, how often is this allowed to happen? That we can expand and explore our goals and hoped without them being second guessed, denigrated, put down or squashed into conformity? Those individuals dress the same, eat the same, vilify each others lunches and push on others to act, do, dress and be like them. Sadly, its like high school but on a world scale. In 1927-1930 this concept was addressed by Rev. Dr. Tanquerey from Belgium in a book entitled "The Spiritual Life-A Treatise on Spiritual and Mystical Theology". He did a wonderful job explaining that these conformist-gatherers-inducers (for lack of a better term) may actually do the soul more harm than good and basically that they stifle the zeal and desire to act that enhances merit and satisfactions and outcomes. Lets just call these people that act that way, well.... selfish. For what is their root cause of making the conformist? The information and goals may be in line with their line of thinking, out of date and definitely filtered through their own conceptions. But the root cause is often based on pride and control. That is not healthy my friends.

Would it really be useful to look at the dead canary going down the mineshaft, shrug and keep on going as you now know there are toxic gases? If we have those that can fly and explore new boundaries and see ahead based on sound logic, inspiration and dedication should they be stifled? Are we really (and here is the kicker) in this big rolling blue marble, just touching up the paint on the rails of the Titanic and polishing the floors? This is a broader and even more negative concept and construct that really we are kicking the shiat out of the world for our own selfish pleasures by being round pegs and excess for us that the ship looks good, but pride and such will be the downfall. Herein such lies the Free Will Convenant and that we should be able to flex our personal thoughts and goals and dreams to make this world a better place.

I am one of those Square Pegs that believe they can change the world if we are able to strip away the pride and be willing to look at the paths taken and where we are headed. And I believe that with others that think this way that we can unite together, share ideas and advance human-kind, and chart the map and advance. There are so many that by given a chance, will express themselves and if we are open and willing enough to listen, there are incredible storie of strength, love bravery and courage. Just stop and listen to the silent heartbeat in the chaos of the moment. For this is the "Sound of One-Hand Clapping". This is the time for actions.

There will always be those that lead down the broad path, which is well travelled and not always correct. (Ever heard of a lemming?) And there will be times that even the square pegs must travel that road my friends. But before we end up with the complacency and sin of sloth to follow that path, look for the opportunities to capture the real you in the moments of the chaos of the day. Relish and delight in them. They are the dessert of the day.

To force to conform, is to have you not be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure February 2011 

9:17 am est 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The curves of desire...Square peg, Round hole.

I read once upon a time (for really, mustn't all stories, fairy tales and blogs start with that line?) that mankind is the creator of the straight line. Where my friends do straight lines exist in abundance in nature? Certainly at a more molecular level one might agree in the bonds between atoms, but really what we call a tree, a blade of grass etc. is NOT straight.

Too often we try to put the square peg into the round hole and try to make the darn thing fit and conform. Uh-uh, no way and ain't gunna happen. The only way that we can make this equation work if we morph the peg to fit, either by accident or design. I have said it before that we are Model T Fords in a Ferrari society. Per wit, we have been transmogrified to "fit" the society allowance, rules, expectations and accountabilities. Remember the square peg? Thats got to hurt once you start cutting off the chunks that dont just conform beautifully (and I use that word in a very deliberate way) to the level of expectation. "Do this, do that, can't you read the signs" as the Five-Man Electrical Band would state in their song from the period of the age of Aquarius. Why can individuals not just respect the premises of intelligent concern and kindness for others and practice that? Resonate with the crystals that they are and feel the beauty and be able to express that inner joy? That would make some of the conformities more acceptable and shave off a little less of the peg... thus making life more rewarding and fulfilling. What is important, respecting others, caring, a few true friendships, a soft word and the scents of ambrosia. 

These are the things of the amorphic. Sorry people, we are so much more than a job, title, position and user of oxygen on this earth. We need to go beyond the tangible and look to the special, secret moments and quiet voice that exists within all of us. To express ourselves as a flower expresses itself in what we do, how we function and how we dress. To judge these freedoms of expression that do no harm to others is well, narcissistic and egocentric. Sorry... you are selfish. "Judge not, lest ye be judged". Dog eat dog baby.

Does it have to be this way? Nope. Does everything have to be rationalized to death? Nope. Does everything have a rational answer? Nope. And by looking at the irrational and the spur of the moment, the winds of war... the greatest insights, opportunities, gifts and flames alight. Keep your eye open for those Doors of Fate that arise in the midst of the darkness, not focussing on the fact your life sucks that you are in a period of darkness and that you DESERVE (darn it) the light and gifts. 

You know my friends, you might... just might find a square hole. How? Express yourself with gratitude, humility and with hope, faith and belief and Be yourself, often.


---  Joel Lamoure February 2010 

10:25 am est 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Expectations DO define reality, Just not the way WE planned

   Expectations... the last brave frontier to explore. I mean really, of course we all have hopes, goals and dreams. But expectations I feel is a whole different can of worms here. Seriously, I can not imagine that anyone reading this blog today has felt "let down" as something we have laboriously set up has "fallen through" because of "someone else".

  He in such lies I must admit so many fallacies. Number one is an expectation I feel is really a degree of entitlement. This is something that is our birthright and darn it all that we are going to get it, no matter the cost. And if you stop and reflect... the cost is huge. I also will be so bold as to hypothesis that with expectations that you lose the trees for the forest. That being that one is so wrapped up in what THEY will derive from said interventions, events, activity, purchase that you lose the miracles that exist in life throughout the way. When one is salivating for that inevitable promotion that they pass you over for or where you get something that is your RIGHT (dammit)--and then DONT. Then what is the cost? What has been sacrificed across the days, weeks, months or years? One tends to hear only what they want to hear, see what they want to see and fit that round peg into that square hole. Ouch. Burn baby.

  Its a delusion... as simple as that and based on narcissistic entrenched societal driven belief systems that it should be ours. Really, there are very few promises. Quite intriguingly, it is the small things and the times that one can listen to the sound of one hand clapping and the whistle of the wind and be left within our own thoughts that we can appreciate the silence and deafening sound of humility. The littlest things are the most magical in life. The small moments that we see all the time and can capture, but dont. The memories and actions and events that we do and make that will last a lifetime. The learning of others in areas we dont understand.

  Don't just sit there with your arms crossed and a sour look on your face. That might actually then become your future. Actually, I will darn near guarantee it. We are masters of none, and it does us good to drop our level of expectations to be to the level of the dew on the leaf.

  We need to belief and then we will see. Then we will live on and thrive and be the person we want to be. Expectations are man made and a demand. Belief, Hope and Faith are extensions of our soul. They derive what happens in our life through guidance. 

  Only then will your dreams appear, and only then can you be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure February 2011 

10:29 am est 

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