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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remedies for a Pandemic-aka Osteomyelitis of the Mind

Gentle readers, been 2 weeks since I wrote and took last week off for Fathers Day. Not really as I was working at the hospital, slaving away over a warm bottle of pills and lab values drinking high test coffee, wishing I couldve taken the day off. So, I took the day off for the blog, mea culpa.

Must admit that was an interesting 2 weeks since the infamous "Flat Earth" debate at a conference and there are just darn many topics to talk about. The topics run the gamut of human relations and interactions, from psychopathology to psychopharmacology to psychosis. And that was just ME in the past 2 weeks, sigh. Just finished the lecture tour and wondering what thread held it all together, and I came up with the title.

I have used the expression "ostemyelitis of the mind" (see copyright) for years to refer to deep seated depressions that like an osteomyelitis of the bone or joints, requires removal of all residual symptoms and organisms residing to ensure remission and functionality of that joint. The joy of having done both psychiatry and orthopaedics in my career. If anyone is keen on reading about the disease as an infectious disease, here is the Wiki link. Knock yourselves out.

"Osteomyelitis of the mind" I believe is why moods, anxieties and depressions are so darn hard to clear up and clear out. Why do the deepest seating feelings get entrenched? Because based on root cause analysis (if anyone wants to know about RCA... just ask me offline) there is a deep seated trigger that has been activated. PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)/ ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Also remember PTSD manifests in many ways and its not the big crisis that shortwire the brain, but even ones such as mocking, harassment or bullying. We are all different and treatment modalities must be individualized! I believe these are one such of those triggers that makes the disease in the mood realm harder to treat and aggravates the dis-ease. Want to prove it? Based on what you think and your past is what drives success to treatment or non-pharmacological treatment combined with current support. It is about beliefs.

The belief systems that cause the treatments to be more resistant and less successful despite a persons standing, education, wealth or external variables, although there is some correlation. Belief systems are integral. So let me propose that we can do the converse to my theorized osteomyelitis of the mind (and it can be demonstrated on P.E.T. imaging if anyone is interested).

Maybe, just maybe if we can work to overcome the negatives and change our belief system to that of an oasis? We live in a period of chaos, shiat ,hellfire and chaos... yet remain an oasis and move from that place we inhabit at #1 Drama Lane (to quote a friend)? I actually believe and have seen it in many cases where we can create an "Anti-oseomyelitis of the brain". Basically that means when bad stuff happens, the shiat doesnt stick to the fur! It serves as a creative film of neuro-protection against the globular bacteria and spiky headed viruses that try to infiltrate our minds and psyche. Those people would be at ease, no dis-ease and open and receptive, resentments to a minimum etc. And remember resentments are poison to the psyche and soul. Pass the hemlock and call it Christmas!

Let us look to how we can use the RCA to back up the boat and then set our sails for the shores of that oasis. And then my gentle friends, it is so darn sweet to have the pina colada, smell the air and feel the sun and breathe to the manta that you can be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure    June 2011 

5:07 pm edt 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Fourth-Dimesional Flat Earth Society

Welcome my friends and my most sincere apologies for my delays in my blog. Was away at conference in Huntsville and able to appreciate the sun, the rain, the cold and so much more! Even got the swing of rowing again in a rowboat. Alas, I must admit that looked like a wee drunken sailor and the vector of my rowing was not great accurate shakes. Might put a picture at some point up on my Facebook page.

Ah, off to the title. I had the random pleasure of being designated a thinker that regressed the line of thinking in such a way that it was in the same concept as "The Earth is Flat". I found that most interesting and welcomed the thoughts and insights of this individual. Now I must admit that my thinking and these blogs can be a bit interesting at times and my hypotheses at times are a wee bit off, but to be a flat earther is a new one. I prefer to think that when rooted in belief systems, we are really looking at the third and fourth dimensions here, and in fact offered that little homily exactly that way.

Just had to offer that little thought and offer such extreme gratitude that my rowboat when attempting to use in such clumsy fashion didnt fall off the edge of Fairy Lake. Incredible. But because I like to find humour with any situation, which is truly key... I am pleased to state that my attendance for my second lecture was standing room only. So my thanks in disguise as so many extra people had a chance to learn about anxiety disorders and pharmacological and non-pharmacological management.  I too had the lovely chance to see what anxiety patients feel like firsthand.

In respect of the discourse, and as I totally believe that everything is a learning opportunity, I am going to extend a little offer to my friends and the family that read this (hi mom!). Two learnings from this exercise. First...for all those times when someone starts a pissing match, keep both your kidneys.. the ipad doesnt cut it! (see last weeks blog) Secondly and most important, I propose that we start a "Fourth-Dimensional Flat Earth Society" so that as opposed of our thoughts and hypotheses being null and void, that we embrace and appreciate them! That we know what we are rooted in and stand for and progress in a unified front realizing that its ok to have one's own opinion. Its ok to believe in what you do. Its ok to offer thoughts and not be critiqued. Its ok to be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure   June 2011     (ps...I still believe in my dream and hypotheses)

9:43 pm edt 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Greeds and Needs Perceived in the Humanities

 Ok my gentle readers and here we go, a Sunday in most parts of the world except my Aussie and NZ friends that are in a Monday. I have been focussing on positives and wins to offset some perceived disappointments just last week and had to liberally apply my very own blog from last Saturday (karma). On a side note, Im pleased to say that there are now 64 countries that have viewed, participated in or contributed to this blog. Made it the easy 1/3 of the way around the world! Top 3 countries are Canada, USA and Germany! In another positive... newsflash that hugs, laughter and smiles make you happier and healthier!

 So much for the little status update on the blog and the administrative issues where we are at. I picked the topic this week of "Greeds and Needs Perceived in the Humanities" secondary to the sweet flow of the words (I got a B or C all the time in English in school). The story? As anyone thats connected with me on Facebook knows my horror at the poor teen who sold his kidney for an iPhone and iPad2. Now I dont know about you, but that seems like some sort of statement of major need and want. That dude SERIOUSLY wanted these gadgets. Why?

There are so many facets that extend from this blog and post and the greed of those that preyed on a teen, from the organ merchants to the hospital that rented out the OR suite to the doctors that took the kidney for a price. There is corporate greed here that says "buy and you will be saved" and there is no retribution back. Darn near doomsday prophecy that you MUST buy or be unfulfilled. Dont even get me started on that one.

Then there is the society demands, "Keeping up with the Joneses" that has permeated culture since the Industrial Ages in a fine wedge before those days and now culminating in a fairly blunt end of the wedge. The sort of thick edge of the wedge that says "Stuff is Status". What a crock of shiat.. no wonder people get sick and burn engines and psychiatry is a growth stock! (yet another story).  Each adult in Canada excluding mortgages in Canada is $25000 in debt on average. Why and what is to show and if the "show me the money" is valid and transfer along a lifespan, I can support it. Otherwise, nope. New windows, new car, upgrade? Nope... cant buy it myself, nor do I want to. 

It is possible to be cool and have fun with nothing extra beyond the basic survival needs for what we need to do what we do, and screw what other people say. The sort of things that for $20 can make a memory that lasts a lifetime. Or even better to give a hug, a smile, nature which is free. We are an insane culture, unbelievably so.... and we have it wrong and are paying the price.

As I head off to take a leak my gentle friends, keep your physical and metaphorical kidneys intact and be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure  June 2011

8:02 am edt 

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