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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chaos Theory of the Humanities-CHUMPs AND NMEs

Greetings my gentle friends and readers for another installment of the blog. I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to The St. Thomas Blog, which may be found at where there is an excellent section on mind and body, as well great recipes, events, entertainment and arts overviews. Feel free to "Follow the Elephant" and my link on there if you wish and there is a comment section, which is a new one for me! Our next step will be an advice "Ann Landers" style column in TSTB... more to come. I will let TSTB do the release.

This has been a week of pain and disasters. A hurricane, tornado 90 minutes from here and then wild weather last evening twinned with the Earthquake in Virgina of Magnitude 5.8 that I could feel even in my office up in psychiatry on the 7th floor in London. All of these factors have made me reflect more on the chaos theory. If you are unfamiliar with the chaos theory... this information may be found at the Wiki entry here. Now I am not going to go into discussions of astrophysics, metaphysics and fractals here, but consider if you will passing along a message, mouth to mouth. Sort of like gossip. One person did one thing and had a picnic and by word of mouth, person to person all of a sudden I was on the grassy knoll in 1963 in Dallas and JFK's motorcade is passing by and there was a rifle in my picnic basket. Almost all stability and reality has been morphed and the facts flagrantly dismissed. This is the edge of what I term "Chaotic Human Utterances- Mental Pathopsychology"= CHUMP.

  Yes my friend... when you pass on things, you tend to embellish them. So what? This is driven by your EGO, and that has the need to be liked and wanted and needed by the group. That you have some special (wow) information that will captivate others and you will rise to the top of the food chain. You may pass along this information with all the sombreness of a judge and a stack of Bibles... BUT you are doing it for YOU. Sorry my gentle reader, but you are afflicted by the CHUMP syndrome. I feel for you. Its cmmonplace and reinforced by socil medial and especially in a celebrity based Western media ego-centric culture.

  Ok... back to the hurricane, tornado, storms and earthquake of this week. I have stated the concerns and theories around the chaos theory as it relates to the weather. Small atmospheric changes meet the right condtions and whammo. See ya later and dont write. The holes in the Swiss Cheese line up and it becomes a disaster. Cant argue with the facts and logic of this. Why did I feel a small 5.8 earthquake 500miles away? Because of where it was, the rock amplified it, I was 7 floors up and working at my desk. All the factors, plus so many other contributed to me feeling this.

  Takes a very small leap of faith to apply this chaos theory to how we react with others. Ego-centric need to be liked and some one particular level of detail, and add in jealousy and whammo.... CHUMP pending. But how does that manifest? Gossip, negative talk, hate messages, treating others like a social outcast based on race, sex,sexual orientation, actions, medical condition, impediments, poverty, money, dress, clothing, religion, colour or creed. Oh well, they deserved it right? You do of course realize every action, and I mean EVERY has an outcome and consequence. You look like a freaking hero for passing along the information.. I mean... its just SO salicious! You have contributed to be an accomplice in the end results. Last week I met a lovely lady named Ann. Her son's story touched me. His name was Jeremiah and was bullied. Happens all the time so its all cool right? I mean doesnt matter how the victim of the verbal discourse feels.. Not MY Ego (NME).  NME is exactly what it sounds like... an ENEMY OF HUMANITY, GOODNESS and KINDNESS. If all you care is about your ego, inherently by logical progression everything else is an NME to your state. 

  The end result? As opposed of me going on... read the brief story here (and there is a Facebook page) and think before you suffer from CHUMP-isms. Mr. Jeremiah Gettis, may we never forget and pay the learnings forward. I believe there can through kindness and love and intelligent concern from others overcome disaster. The F3 Tornado in Goderich and pulling together of the community speaks to support of the theory. Can overcome even the tornado disaster than is here in pictures from the Huffington Post. And humanity is overcoming it. Imagine, just imagine what we could do when there wasnt a crisis to change the world?

  Dont like the thought of that you could result in being part of a bully network? Silence and Divine love and be at ease with yourself. Maybe we can create the winds and chaos theory of positive outcomes. I believe that we can. Call me an optimist...oh well, Ive been called worse. Before you do though, and call me worse and throw that stone, do me one favour. Turn the mirror on yourself my friends and love that person first. Only then can you be yourself, often. 


--- Joel Lamoure  August 2011 

12:32 pm edt 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Delusion within the Illusion

 Good day and hello to the weekend my inspired readers and gentle friends in the blog world. Trying to pull together all the positives and negatives, successes and challenges of the week and identify the one common thread that exists. I must admit that this week there wasnt once central thread that held it all together and been things popping up in some many areas, so basiclly just a healthy dose of life!

 As I use this blog to reflect and muse on life and life's challenges and then share with others, this is a perfect week to look at the people that do similar things, in different ways and may not know it. A time to look at some of the POSITIVE attributes that are out there. There are so many that can not be defined by a blog, but just perhaps you my friends can take the time to step away from the media-controlled statements that All is Negative. That is so completely false and we need to stop and step back from the insanities of the societal moment and be adrift in ourselves and kindness. I have said so many times that Love is an intelligent concern for others as its most root element, which I was taught a long time ago. It resonates more for me as the decades progress. All is NOT Negative and we need to refocus our filters to see the delusion here that we have been shown. And if you share the negatives around enough, the delusion fits and then becomes behaviours vs. isolated events and then more common-place and then full reality. Thats the power of a delusion and its contagious as heck when sold in a nice package, and SO appeals to the ego and an ego-centric world. By sharing the positives in a similar manner through less greed and more mindfulness, we could I propose affect the same outcomes.

  First we need to step away from the Illusion. The Illusion (and I am capitalizing for a reason as we make SUCH a big deal of it), is the need to have everything and that all in the world must be bigger, better, faster, harder and preferrably done yesterday. My friends... thats sets up demands and exectations and in a world of instant gratification, is false and will create dis-ease. When dis-ease is created, guess what? It creates disease. Yes, the sort that kills you. Seeya. Let us look at the Illusion and see it for what it really is and take what we need. “ Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed.” Gandhi.

 If we remove from the illusion, now in smaller case as we dont feed into the culture of belief, what do we fill this sad void with?  Thisis where we look to the learnings of the enlightened, the postive ones and those that seem to have their shiat together. They often are the round pegs trying to fit into the square holes, yet they seem at-ease with that. They rarely to never criticize, belittle, hate, bad-mouth or other things that you hate. Yet wait....this is the kicker folks... if you hate it so much, you are doing it. You wont comment on this and I always find it fascinating who has the mental fortitude to comment on these blogs by my postings or through email. Thy are always the inspired ones, the friends. The ones that I know most importantly look in the mirror and learn from themselves. They are the people that can step away from the illusion and they have made a conscious decision to do so.

  Want to make a difference?  Remove the illusion and be at ease. Share of your time or words to help another. I know many health professionals that are not healthy individuals. It is a label and an illusion. Its an ego-centric format that creates dis-ease. People see this from the "experts" and dont get better. Worse is they emulate. (I shudder) We can do better and all of us can help others.  

  Go away this week my friends and at least look in the mirror, offer your thoughts on this blog, share it with someone and best of all, be reflective in what you do and very mindful of the consequences and benefits you sow. Maybe, just maybe the scales will fall from some eyes. The starting block is mindfulness.

  Then we can usurp the insanity and retrieve and showcase the human in humanity and the Spirit within and truly shine and become ourself, often.


  --- Joel Lamoure August 2011


7:04 am edt 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Linking through thinking

Greetings my gentle readers and welcome to the end of the week or the start of a new week! Thanks to all of those that have taken the time to use this blog as a positive instrument. There are many tools that are out there, but the ones of mindfulness are what we already have at our disposal. Mindfulness, as alluded to last weak is a conscious decision that we make to focus on the points of the day and embrace them. We then filter that through our individual thought processes and assign a value consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes my friends it generates new questions until we get to the levels of the quarks and ions of the event or subject.

Communication is another point that I have written on frequently  in a myriad of ways. The basic need to communicate and speak and express. To listen and to be heard. Love is a form of communication that is of the heart and soul, ideally devoid of the ego... which is a corruter and false prism of love. Love through communication is a healthy expression of concern and care for the other.

Now what if we link mindfulness and communication my friends? There is the obvious "think before you speak" but goes SO much deeper I believe. And what, just what IF we were able to communicate and link through intents and thoughts? A cadre of like minded individuals. Well, my friend... words only express 10%. The rest of communication is non verbal and includes, but not limited to love and sadly the ego. I think that we can have the power to communication with more light and spirit by removing of the ego. The needless forcing and foisting of the universal "ME" on someone else. Could that be explained by sharing and replacement of the ego by something else as a mindful action? That conscious decision to help and learn from the other. By listening and caring coupled with replacing ego with love and the desire to share. Communication would then become more a UNIVERSAL two-way street that both sides are not just HEARD, but more importantly FELT. And feeling is the key to linking and appreciating the other.

Try it out and what to lose? We are blessed with a few VERY close friends and family who may understand this need. Choose and start with these inspired people in your life. I am very fortunate and blessed to have an enlightened mother and many who breed only positivity and close connection and a wonderful network who let me be myself, often. Warp yourself in light and positivity my friends. The only thing that loses here is the EGO, which is connected to the deadly sins of lust, greed, gluttony and envy. Maybe we could instead of force and demands that listening can happen and we can appreciate what the other says and feels. Linking through thinking and the key to this is a willingness to defuse the ego by infusing with love my friends.

Try it and expand the horizons and just be... to be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure August 2011 

10:40 am edt 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bounty in austerity through mindfulness

Greetings my fine gentle readers this week as the world turns. This weekend marks the beginning of a new era in finances and learning the need for new financial measures give the crises in Greece, Italy and now the downgrade by Standard and Poor's sovereign unit of the United States to an AA+ rating, from one sitting at AAA for the past 94 years. Interestingly enough, the year that the US went to its AAA credit rating was the first year of income taxes which was a "temporary mandate" to cover the expenses of World War 1. Give until it hurts people. Give til it hurts baby, and pass the plate again. This blog is dedicated first to those countries, which comprise 24.9% of my readers. We as a culture are addicted to debt with the root cause being a need for stuff. Bluntly put. Purely pleasure reward, dopaminergic driven ego-driven encouraged by the Great Fathers in High Places. Want pleasure reward? An act of kindness, a touch, a smile, or best of all health in the moment and an ability to function.

The numbers this week are rising, which is wonderful that there is more exposure. Please pass this link and cut and paste and pass along .  We have 2481 visitors, making 9445 visits over 69 countries! Huge! But this blog has spiritual and personal interest, so hoping it reaches even more people.

Lets start witha  comparison with food. What tastes better? 3 rich 1200 calories meals a day or after having been sick and not eating well for a couple of days, that first broth and pudding? Small, measurable amounts and taste and appreciate where everything comes from. That is mindfulness, which I wiill get to later in this blog. As we tighten our proverbial belts, root cause analysis comes into place here and "WHY to the power of 5" are we here? What entitlements, greed, corruption, benefits and opportunities have brought us to the point of brinkmanship? Two years ago on this blog I stated that we as a Western culture "Are Model T Fords in a Ferrari Society". Want to get sick and develop mental health concerns and cardiovascular disease? There are real studies that delineate that from a psychological and psycho-social risk to be living in Western cultures and speak English.

So what can we do? If you are reading this, you are a person driven to action. You have a choice my friends, and that is always the case. Just some choices are really sucky ones. There is the BMW club (Bitchy, Moany and Whiny) and these people will complain bitterly, call for anarchy and overhauls and BIG CHANGE (Capitals inserted on purpose) which does not work. Or you can take the other road, that being the one looking to make a change. I believe that "if you want to make a difference, you need to act it outwards from beliefs within"

This is where the title comes from. Do we need everything the big corporations tell us we need or is that a fallacy? Only you can decide and I will not make your decisions for you. But if we enter a world where there only so many dollars, which are diminishing, what do we fll it with? QUALITY. Yes sir and madame, quality. This is the art of mindfulness. A smart friend of mine has been using my mindfulness and articulated well when they said they sent the bad stuff on a train and let it go. Focus on the positives. Sounds so easy and it is! Mindfulness is a state of mind. “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” Jon Kabat-Zinn.

  Mindfulness in large being is a state of mind and conscious. That the patient becomes aware of the rationale for the actions that they are performing. An example would be in substance abuse for a patient in recovery. When the feel the urge to use or misuse their substance of choice, they are encouraged to be aware of the thoughts and dynamics behind the craving. Also, to “play the tape” through and ascertain what would happen if indeed they were to use again. This could be applied to eating, anxieties or PTSD flare-ups.  It is also the act of being focused in the present, versus living in the past or anticipating events in the future. (Reference: Lamoure J. Theory of Mindfulness. Cdn. J of CME 2009; 21(9):20)

These are the people who embrace what they do and focused on the task at hand. They take pleasure in being in the moment and can appreciate the small things in life, and even better than that see that the small things in life instead of the big payouts are really what drive life. To appreciate nature, the moment, a stone, a smile or a lovers touch or kind word. For these are what matters my friend. Not what OTHERS thing you NEED or should have. Its not a competition. Its your life and if you think its a competition of tangible things, well... you cant take it with you my fine friend. I go for the small gift everytime... for its a lifetime of memories, not things. Im happy with my secondhand tweed jackets... and all the wonderful stories and memories.

With the memories that develop and the warmth of a touch and letter and sharing... you can be yourself, often.


  --- Joel Lamoure August 2011 

3:35 pm edt 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aim for the stars or shoot for apathy?

Gentle readers, I realize this is not a weekend but wanted in this early week cycle at the beginning of August to address this issue. Time to wake up, smell the coffee and strive for the positives in the day.. those little miracles that abound all around! I know that it sounds oh so logical! We would of course shoot for the stars. I in fact often tell people that "it is better to aim for the stars than to aim for a pile of shiat and succeed". Good time to reflect as the dog days of summer take one on a roller coaster in the Northern hemisphere and spring in in the air for my Aussie and Kiwi friends!

But seriously, how many people address and believe the moonbeam in their eye and follow that beam across the prismic track of light? To branch back to the light sources and feel and express the wonderment of colours that are in that moonbean? The rich hues suffused with a hint of the unknown and magickal?

Perhaps, just perhaps we dont believe or really believe that we can do it. Or that we are stifled by the constraints of society. Too starry eyed Joel... impossible. Diagree...strongly. It takes such a little efoort and time for you to embrace the moonbeams and embrace what we are and the humanity we have and love the moment for the moment. All you need is Belief and a good guide in a friend that will share in the mystical and miracles of the day.

The option is what will take the breath away step by step until you no longer care versus what will take your breath away as if from the eyes of a child again! Close your eyes, wish upon that star and aim high. THEN, you can be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure August 2011 

7:45 am edt 

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