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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Prescribing Spiritual HOPE-The Sea of Life

Good day my gentle readers and thanks for coming back to read another instalment of this weeks blog. Here we are at the end of 25.5 months of writings and 100 posts! Thank you all for being here and listening and learning with me for we have shared this journey together.

The next chapter will start November 1st,2011 when every Tuesday night at 7 Eastern there will be an internet radio show starting entitled "Prescribing Spritual Hope" on 365Live. "Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E. : Do you feel that the challenges of the day and the moment tend to drag you down? Very likely you are right and rediscovering the goodness is a wonderful path to take! We will explore spiritual health from the aspects of Holistic Spiritual Health, Outcome Driven Change, Personalization of your Commitment  and Empowerment you find the HOPE... all in a way that explores the Miracles that occur in everyday life." This being in a time when inherently, as I have often said before that we tend to be Model T Fords in a Ferrari Society. These are times of evolution and internal change with epigenetics and progression. Time for the spirit in the moment!

And it really is exactly that my wonderful friends, the ability to occupy yourself in a way that we can take some of the biggest challenges and obstacles facing us... yet leverage them into something possible. These are times when we are becoming in a very dichotomous nature, both more connected and yet more isolated. Moving ahead in a way and culture with demands and expectations that many may not be able to understand or appreciate. Often left feeling victimized in nature, but wanting things immediately. Success takes time and in a culture where everything is bigger, better, faster, harder, shinier and provided at point of need,...where short forms and communication skills face to face start to break down, there is bound to be discord.

Want to reconnect? That requires a degree of courage that I truly believe that everyone has. Through root cause analysis to find out what the problem is and what needs to be kept and what is jettisoned. I mean, that we place SUCH emphasis on pretty shiny things.. how could I get rid of THAT? Sometimes the best courage and most insights come from a period away from what you love and appreciate and having a serious dialogue with others.

This isn't just about you my friends. You will be eaten alive doing it yourself in this sea of life as you don't have all the pieces to the map. WE need to rely on our Captain, belief systems, communication and most of all..others. My most cherished possessions aren't those that I have bought, but very special small gifts from my closest friends. They were made or bought with love and kindness and nothing can assign a dollar to that. Even more valuable.. and what will give spiritual HOPE, is the thoughts and even more, that person themselves! Imagine what your life was like before them and now and if all of a sudden they were out of the equation. Sadly, we don't think of that and focus on things that really dont matter. I would rather live in a trailer and be at ease and know my evolution is good and just than in a palace and have lived a life of regrets.

Only YOU can make these decisions and there is a recipe, which I touched on a few weeks ago and will look at on the air. Its not perfect in any ways, shape or form. But really my gentle friends, do you not want to be at-ease to avoid disease and dis-ease? There is HOPE, and I truly believe that and to infuse oneself with hope is to look at the positives, learn from the negatives and have a set destination on this Sea of Life. 

If you wish, welcome aboard as we traverse the seas so you can be yourself, often.


--- Dr Joel Lamoure October 2011 


3:58 pm edt 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Peacock on Viagra

Greetings my gentle friends and readers back for this week's blog installment. A day of peace, patience, silence, humility, serenity and reflection. To think about the meditative sounds of silence and the connections that you share to your Higher Power. What do you do, how do you do it and what integrity do you practice it with?

Today will focus on the damage of the ego and the "all about me" syndrome. I will herein forever after address this as "The Peacock on Viagra Syndrome". Amen.  One hears that fairly often but it isnt put into any real and meaningful context. There is a milieu of discussions and arguments and counter-arguments around this particular topic. Means that I do my job, I need this and deserve this and not prepared to work for the outcomes. For I expect it... I deserve it.  Let me teach you a story... when you listen and follow your own advice and march to your own drums and expect others to follow and give blindly, then you are an idiot.

Trust needs to be fostered and developed and actions that are done across time will define how people will act and respond to you. Are you a person of integrity or a fool? Fools abound and the arent the cheery buffoons, but sadly often hurt many people, collect together and then bully and hurt others. I always look at these situations and feel both despair and anger. Anger when the hurt happens and the injustice and despair that the bullies are making their own destiny. And it aint a pretty one. They often turn to acts and believe their other side will protect them from the Wrath that befalls them. Nope. Mortal vs. Venial sins Baby... see ya later and dont write baby. No free tickets in the spiritual realm. And guess which side wins? "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth"

And herein lies the ego... the all about me world. In Western cultures we are bombarded by celebrities, movies, news clips, action, "vote you off the island" shows, shiny shiat and more. All things that make the ego puff up like a peacock on Viagra. You do have a choice, to assuage your ego and pamper it with "stuff" or take only what you need and exist in comfort and not the excesses. I am comfortable and likely still have many excesses but avoid as best I can the commercialism, extravagances and expenses. I will put the Christ in Christmas and not go in debt. To put the belief in the moment and watch the movie of life, as watching TV makes life look boring based on a recent study. Baby Einstein on the farm...all action all the time baby. A real farm... hard work and there is a disconnect. Disconnects suck. They suck they energy, expectations and much more out of you. Basically...make you a very angry mammal. Ouch. Burn.

Want life to be meaningful and full and rich? Help someone and identify and listen to their strengths and give them a win before the even know they needed and wanted it. Turn off the TV, turn on the radio and go outside. Or just go outside and commune with life. A place where car crashes, women landing in your lap, espionage and spies chasing you or wild events with purple talking dinosaurs happen very very rarely (if at all). Thank Heavens.

Know what? Embrace the life, banish the ego and diminish its hold and you actually, really can be yourself often. 


--- Dr. Joel Lamoure October 2011

9:10 am edt 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

OCCUPY- YOUR Potential!

Greetings my gentle readers to this week's installment of the be yourself, often blog. The major issues this week have so much extra sensory overload and stimulation that I believe it behooves us to stop and reflect on what WE can do and have the ability to do with our mind, skills and potential!

Did you know in the begats of the Bible (that part of Genesis everyone snoozes through) that early man lived hundreds and hundreds of years? That after the Flood the lifespan shortened but that we were created with an almost infinite physical live? Fascinating isnt it when we consider the lifespan in Africa to be 40years and double that in first world countries? That is like 1/10th of our potential!

Do I believe that we have the ability to use our mind over matter right now and that I will become a happily dottering senile 800 year old? Not a chance... but if I did... I'm going to keep teaching medical students until my 790th birthday and ensure effective traumatizing. Ah.... remember when?

Our brain also ticks along at anywhere from 2-5% of its potential at any one point. However, we use parts and do not look to the harder wins that occur in life. We look to the quick fixes, fast drugs, easy women, fast cars and exploding scenes on television. Hello.... somewhere along the way we have expected that life MUST be fast paced and as such... yawn and snooze, nothing exciting happened. Life is boring. I'm not getting kidnapped, robbed, raped, mugged, shot, assaulted, wined, dined etc. The closest I got to being robbed was on my ATM fees! This week I had the wonderful opportunity to see the effects of trauma over and over again in individuals, but this time with the spin of hope that comes from a success.

Where did the success come from? A healthy believe system, lots of Trust and a Belief that things will be better. That a goal was set and while yes, there have been horrid things this man has seen in his life, he is making a conscious choice to engage in the neuroplasticity and occupy another area of his brain that has been dormant. Light up the neuroplasticity through a variety of psycho-social-spiritual interventions and alot of love and care. Learning a bit of healthy selfishness and exploring the live that exists in the life. A hero in the making. And I love it to see that.

So my friends, want to make the world a better place Its mind over matter. That it is the spiritual (please check my ministry tabs) over the dogmatic. Dogma does not have to run over your karma. There are miracles in the mundane and incredible opportunities in the intricacies. You want a better place? Here is the secret to OCCUPY: Your Potential:

1) Root cause analysis of why this is

2) Validate step 1 with yourself, another human being and the Spirit

3) Plan your desired outcome

4) Make it happen using patience and virtues and insights, with mindfulness and self-reflection

Use exercise, Spirituality, prayer, belief, reward, play and slowing down to go faster 

5) Look at the plan and progress on a regular basis

6) Be gentle and good to others without ego, avarice, greed or gluttony

7) Be yourself, often.


--- Dr. Joel Lamoure   October 2011 


9:50 am edt 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Days of Atonement and Thanksgiving

Greetings my gentle readers and weekly instalment of the blog is here and now! So many celebrations for many of my friends, in ceremonies that go back hundreds to thousands of years and are deeply rooted in who we are and who we can become.

Those of you that know me personally know that one of my favourite expressions are "its better to aim for the stars than to aim for a pile of poop and hit it". Herein lies the free will covenant that I touched on last week and also those of karmic energies, the wheels of samsara and also Faith and Spirituality, with a gentle and not overbearing aspect of dogmatic challenges.

We are at a cross-roads my friends. These are the days, and in fact today is the day that you (YOU) have the ability to take charge of your destiny and be a casualty or a champion. The days we can appreciate that we are all in sin in either a mortal or venial fashion and make a conscious decision to expiate those negative traits. BUT, it takes a knowledge of the wishes of what you want and progressing forward where do YOU want to be in the book of life for the year ahead? What will your chapter look like and how will you be remembered? Care to join the Axis of Weasels? Feel free and I will pray and hope that you come back around and realize the spiritus in the spirit and the joie de vive. Today is always the right day to make that decision and that small baby steps to make that happen. No amount of $50 bills will restart your heart my friends and life comes from within and then then next steps are projection and reflection. 

That takes us in some of the reflections of Yom Kippur and the Days of Aw from the past 9 days and now to the days of thanks... that I believe come after the insights associated with atonement and also the insights of belief where we are in the great Book of Life and what has been written already. These are also the days of Thanksgiving, formally here in Canada and 5 weeks from now in the USA, but I challenge that any day should be a day of reflection and Thanksgiving? Why? For you are made up of a bunch of non-you facets and elements and energies and pasts that will drive the future. You may gorge yourself of social media, TV and the celebrity hotlines... but that is NOT you. Please understand these are not you.. but one tends to identify with WANT of what they see and read and while becoming someone else, the you in the equation gets lost. And that is a very dark place and woods to be my friend, with many wolves out there that love fresh meat. See ya baby, dont write and bye-byes.

Be a hero... and that is to step away from what is demanded of you to conform and learn to light that fire within yourself and use the candles around you to ignite the passions. Give thanks for everything and especially the friends and family that believe in you. They arent wrong. Transfer some of it and have a love affair with yourself (no Polaroids please, and dont post it on Facebook! :P ) Take the you and the challenges you have and instead of hiding... do a full frontal attack and turn them into a strength. First, need the insight that comes from the reflection and the attack comes from projection.

Live it, love it and write history my friends by being yourself, often.



--- Dr. Joel Lamoure  October 2011 

10:36 am edt 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Balancing towards the Ides of October

Greetings and a very happy October to my very gentle readers. The air is starting to turn cool here in the Northern Hemisphere and fall is upon us. For my Aussie and Kiwi friends...get out and enjoy the start of the blooms and flowers! 

Now an intriguing title and topic and way to approach. All I trust are familiar with the Ides of March, the mid point of March that marked the political upheaval and culminating in the assassination of Julius Caesar in the Year 44BC. Et tu Brutus? If anyone wants to look at the history, the Wiki entry may be found here. Well, that was 2055 years ago and we are far more cultured and civil at this point. Thank Heavens. Metaphorically, physically and advancement wise we are absolutely no further ahead I am so sorry to state.

There is a very fine line in some people's minds between justice and vigilantism. People get hurt and vigilantism is where you play the end all and be all... no filter for your thought processes. Some may even construe as bullies. We would be wise to remember that eventually all bad behaviours are rooted out and seen at some point in the here and now or later, but to give an "eye for an eye" will and would ultimately result in universal blindness it has been hypothesized. Dont be worse than the imagined offense. Collect evidence, get witnesses and let the person walk into their own outcomes and destiny from those with real power in line with a solid belief system. Then seeya and cake and calories for you.

Fortunately, there is often a wise friend around that prevents one from having a stroke in anger and allows you to talk it through. It is interesting to stop and reflect on the root of your anger and then apply the root cause analysis to yourself. Why are you angry and what injustice? Is it to you or another? Why do you feel that way? What is your belief system? And then to wait and before you act, to stand on the beliefs and go through the proper steps and channels to enact justice, often with a collaborator who can dampen some of the ego driven fires. Why am I being threatened? Is this valid? What would you do? Going to lead me when I go blind through all of this? Small baby steps and patience and belief systems must be the core before you act. If there is a personal motive in it, you really seriously need to do a risk-benefit assessment and balance out what will happen mentally and physically by engaging.

There is indeed a fine balance, and we cannot all be ostriches in the stand and must stand in rare (read:rare) moments for the fights we truly believe in will advance humanity, ethics and respect. To do nothing is an act of commission.... but to blow your mouth off at everything is the act of a fool.Sadly there are some very negative, foolish people even in high positions. Power doesnt exempt from stupidity. The lady in the US justice system has a balance in her hands for a reason... (lets not get into the blindfold) the balance is absolutely critical.

What do you want?  Peace, patience, harmony? Then time to stop (or even better, have a friend mirror back to you) what your belief systems really are. To talk you through and what the concerns are. Then wait a bit and filter through your belief systems. Dont expect everyone to fight the battle with you and that belief system leads to divides... that those should be able to be addressed in a debate and discussion and walking a mile in someone else's shoes. Dont be bull headed and thick about it, be open and receptive to open and honest dialogue and respect the contributions of others. Let us celebrate our similarities, love our close friends well and often and make new through the Fates of life and careful listening, while avoiding labels.

Appreciate the bounty and abundance and embrace your belief system and especially your Faith. Embrace harmony and peace, while watching and listening and practicing empathy, care and respect. To not to that is to risk being voted off the island, labeled a fool or risk your livelihood. The saddest part of it all as the Ides of October come closer, is that weak people have lost their identity (through strong arm tactics, TV, media etc) and follow the pathology.

Take the high ethical, spiritual and moral road my friends however that may look and on the Mount, with your faith and friends, you will see the light. Aim for the positivity in the day and the Divine love and interventions. Its the hardest path of all subject to trails that branch off while you look for the hunt, but the most rewarding overall. Dont attack based on faulty beliefs, ego, jealousy or others as they are labelled Deadly Sins for a reason. And because following a loser will guarantee your loss too and very sadly you will not get to know the Light that shines when you be yourself, often.


--- Joel Lamoure  October 2011 


1:53 pm edt 

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