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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Assigning the Grade-2011 was a B+

Greetings my very gentle readers to the last installment of the 2011 "Be Yourself, Often" Blog, a time to be able to look back on the year and the year's challenges and successes and determine what we decided were milestones and what were perhaps more millstones in theory.

The end of a year is very similar to Christmas. I posted in the last weeks blog entitled "Surviving Post Christmas" that perhaps if we were smarter and worked smarter as opposed of harder that we could successfully repackage and regift to ourselves each and every day 24/7 X365 some of the wonderment that comes on that day. In fact, it was also the topic of the December 28th radio show Prescribing Spiritual HOPE in regards to gifts and where they lie in the miracle of the day! 

Perhaps we could do the same for the end of the year? While we are running around in a slightly schizoaffective way all over the map and attending parties, drinking and much more... we tend to think to the way the year treated us. We think not how WE treated the year but in fact the impact it had on us. Oh Narcissus, pass me that mirror baby!  We tend to assign the year a grade and reflect on the trials and tribulations that has benefited and befallen us. 

Instead, why do we not approach this on a more logical thought curve and appreciate each day and each moment instead of wondering in a zombie state and not even realizing it? That is one of the biggest learnings that I have had this year. That we truly do not appreciate the intricacies of the moment and the enlightenment that is all around us. Perhaps we can take stock at all points on the impacts that we have on others instead of the essential "I" and ego driven approaches that drive our existence? To be be now more able to appreciate the quiet stillness that exists within all of us?

What if we looked at each day and each moment as a gift and new beginning? To be able to say that we have the ability to stop and reflect, in silent humility and by doing so, connected with the Spirit inside each of us that reflects on the miracles of the moment? To appreciate in advance the impact and import of what we do and how it impacts on others, including nature? What if we woke with the ability to see that you CAN and DO impact the world and CAN and DO make a difference to someone else? And along the course of the day to be able to hear the colours, taste the wind and see the sounds? Incredible indeed.

Perhaps then at the end of the day, each and eevry day we can give thanks and reflect on the miracles of the day? Would that not make each day deeper and richer? To stribe for a grade of B+ each day? (Be positive?)

For I do believe if we approach from that perspective and a new life each day and like the wonderment of a child, our approach and actions, beliefs and reactions will be different. To be able to not be afraid to play, hear the colours, taste the wind and see the sounds and embrace the moment is to live, feel and be alive and awake...truly to give you the gift that you can be yourself, often.

Have a wonderful and inspired and alive 2012 my gentle readers and Be Yourself, Often. 


  --- Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure   December 2011  


5:54 am est 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Surviving POST Christmas

Greetings to the "Be Yourself, Often" blog for another week my wonderful and very gentle readers. Thank you for all taking the time to read, reflect and meditate on the comings and passings of the week. To take away the learnings of the week to emerge into the next week with a new vitality and energy!

We will be at times trying to match this blog with our blog talk Radio show. Thus, we will start to address some of the concepts herein, both pre and post and then see in written and verbal formats how the events of the days, change our lives...for the better or worse. Join us live at 9pm EST on the ULC Radio show, "Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E" with Rev. Joel Lamoure, the topic being "Drowning after Christmas". Please share the link so that thousands may listen in and benefit!! .You can either catch the show live, or archived, using the same link! 

The goal here is to be able to spread the information, much like a chain letter, gathering steam... but one of HOPE and inspiration and resonating with hope, faith, belief and tips and suggestions to advance YOUR life!

So this week, we take a look the the post-Christmas blues and that period that exists between the old and the new. The veil of time that exists with gauzy white wispiness between the old year and the new. A time for celebrations and seeing the months stretch ahead, but made better by often failed resolutions (and imagine what THAT does to the old psyche. OUCH.) Thats a thought for yet another blog... maybe mid January?

Folks... remember the goodwill, kindness, positivity of spirit. Dont focus on the gifts that you gave or received, the money you spent, the food eaten and bills pending... but instead reflect on the moments. What were you able to capture in the moments? What peace, what felt good, what resonated and what made you feel at ease? And then my gentle readers... to survive the all or none approach to Christmas (translate that plan for 51 weeks and gone in 1 week), could that not be spread and disseminated? Is it just barely possible that you can package and salvage away pieces of the non-monetary costing parts of these days that can be doled out in a way through the year that provides a steady bellwether?

Different things mean different responses to different people. But just for now, close your eyes and imagine and reflect on the pieces of the chaotic days that you felt most at ease with. How was your health, your breathing, your spiritual connection? Were you yourself or a mask? What feels right? What did you do of obligation, and what of personal wants and love....and most importantly, what did you gain from BOTH the good and the bad? To reflect and meditate is to advance.

Maybe my friends, jut maybe the gifts are those that CAN be captured and loved on a regular basis. The miracles of the moment and the love and kindness. I believe that they can. We all have a choice what to do with EACH moment and how we choose to see them. Maybe, just maybe my friends... if you reflect now and identify what made your heart and spirit sing over the past few days... you can gift wrap it and give it to yourself daily. It IS possible and like Christmas everyday.

And when you find and regift the gifts to YOU, with love.... then you can see the wind, hear the colours and listen to the moment and what she has to say. And in that bliss, you can be yourself, often.


--- Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure     December 2011 

10:30 am est 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Third Sunday of Advent

Greetings again my gentle readrs to this weeks installment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog. A time for peace, patience and silence reflection of the week past. A time to appreciate and look to the positives of the week to recharge the emotional and psychiatric batteries to prevent the dise-eases that lead to diseases. A time for "Prescribing Spritual HOPE"

Why select the third Sunday of Advent as a topic to discuss, as this is designed to be motivational, reflective and help the reader look to the small positives in the great field of life and look to become a blade of wheat that extends above the torrid weeds that threaten to choke us out? Before I answer that question... what is so critical about being a piece of wheat? It nourishes and many stalks together create bountiful bread, often used in sacraments and also even more importantly is that the wheat needs soil, dirt, moisture, light, sun, wind and energy to create and foster more energy. That the blades must rise above the oppressive weeds that choke us out on a regular basis. They are the BMW class of people, J Class. Biatchy, Moany and Whiny- Jealousy. So my friends if you and I meet personally and I describe something as a J-Class BMW, y'all will know what I mean. Those people are not who I consider to be friends, but I feel sorry for them in their weed chocked existence of human kind. Looks really pretty with such a glorious presentation and drag in the unwary, but are the Datura stramonium of life once their BMW-JClass existence comes in. If anyone wonders. that is Jimson weed...aptly in labelled stinkweed. Ouch... burn baby. All parts of the plant are poisonous, causing abnormal thirst, vision distortions, delirium, incoherence, coma. Often fatal. Crap. You play into that one and its seeya dont write baby... don't write and its a brutal trip. Sadly the plant and you are both DRT..... Dead Right There.

OK...enough about toxic stinkweeds, and Jimson weed too. Lets talk about the concepts of advent, this almost the third Sunday (and it already is to my Aussie and Kiwi friends). This is such a wonderful and joyous time to reflect on anointment and rejoicing. For there is so very much to be appreciative of, is there not? That we are even able to read this is I hope a miracle and a positive. That one can read, see, touch and feel is a miracle. That we love and can be loved. That we can speak and communicate and know that we have gifts and plenty beyond our expectation. It is about changing our thought process from one of entitlement, to one of looking ahead with the eyes of a child to the myriad of gifts that we may be graced with. The gifts are already there, not from Walmart or any other -Mart, mall or store. Look to these gifts I believe is what creates contentment and the positives in the moment. It may be what your neighbour has, or be the status quo or this years model. But DOES IT MATTER? At the end of the day, are you purely sampling the stinkweed and loving the psychotic atropine-like psychosis? Tripping the line fantastic and being Alice going down the rabbit hole? May I be blunt? Yes. End result.... DRT.

So my friends, open the eyes that you have been given and rejoice that we are here, alive and the miracles that abound. I know that we can change the world and believe that we can. The way? Through Belief, with hope and faith and a healthy dose of looking and being like a child on Christmas morning. But the gifts are the anotintment and let us rejoice in the days and the gifts.

For when the toxic efefcts and psychotic delusions of the stinkweed are gone, the eyes reopened and the detoxification finished... you may appreciate the moment, beauty and wonder in the moments of mindfulness. And to look in the eyes of another having undergone the same, is to be able to realize that you have and did and can be yourself, often.


--- Dr Joel Lamoure   December 2011 


11:25 am est 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Necessity vs excess?

Greetings my gentle readers to this weeks installment of the Be Yourself, Often Blog. A time where I hope that we are able to step back and reflect on the myriads of wonder and gifts that exist all around us. This is needed even more this time, that being the third Sunday of Advent... just 2 weeks from Christmas!

Now while you may think there are so many gifts out there and only so much time and spending disproportionate amounts of time, resources, angst and resources addressing The Perfect Gift!!! (capitals and exclamations intended), why need this reflective drivel? Serious, Christmas is a time for giving and receiving so why do we need to reflect and step back? For exactly the reasons listed above. These are all items based on the tangible and can we really state that what we do and the consumerism driven capitalistic expectations of excess are healthy? Thats a valuable question. I may address that one this week in my radio show, " Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E. " which airs Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern. The link should open a new page with the show.

There has been circulating around on the internet the past 2 weeks a caption picture of starving and hungry poverty children against a backdrop of Western culture at Christmas of a couple of scenes. One appears to be a Black Friday setting or the other is a elaborate Christmas tree resplendent with presents and trimmings. This is a time to be able to appreciate and give. Sometimes gifts come from the non tangible but are worth so much more, for example time. At the same time, there is a need for gifts for children and Toys for Tots and 20 out of 2100 families have been looked after, 14 days to Christmas. :( The story may be found here. This IS in our own backyard and we are so focused on the excesses in general that sharing one gift and one toy seems antithetical. The NIMBY mentality (Not In My BackYard) is akin to an ostrich with the head down, or perhaps a pig with the head in the trough.

We have an opportunity to have a healthy Christmas my friends. That being we can look to less and share of our time and resources. Doesnt have to even be all at once or today, but to give a chance even during the year to help someone less fortunate. And one doesnt have to spend big. Remember the premise of the non tangibles?

I do caution you is to give with blessings and kindness in your heart my gentle friends. Do not be one that is laden with hypocrisy and hate, that turns to helping and giving and then maliciously bullies others. Strive for just the altruism and consistently... be unipolar, not bipolar in presentation and avoid the swings of hypocrisy. The images and projections you may think of another is usually, well... wrong. Hate to tell you that. The best and strongest heroes I have seen and enjoy working with are those who seen hell itself, and came back and gave to others and send the tsunami of gifts and benefits and wonderment to others. They are the people who you wouldnt expect and they have given me presents of the time, teaching and helping my medical students, willing to be a kid, and praying for he sick. That has given me the gifts of a patient waving, someone smiling, and different perspectives. Sometimes... you have to be a round peg where there is a square hole and be different.

Now, while I preach about "Be Yourself, Often", every week and now in its third year... does that not sound like I am indulging in my own psychopathology? My own hypocrisy? Not at all, for as we look with the wonder of a child, give of the gifts we have once we have the realisation and embrace then, then we realize and love the we are ALL different... and only then can you be yourself, often.


--- Dr. Joel Lamoure    December 2011 


7:35 am est 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Realism and Actualities

Welcome gentle readers to this weeks "Be Yourself, Often" Blog and happy December! This is a time as we move ahead to the the busy chaotic scurrying of Christmas, parties, gift buying and all sorts of family and social events.

A time for potential chaos perhaps and yet a time to reflect on what actually is important. Realism defines as what is the reality of the moment and what are the skills and assets that I have to contribute. This is not as much a time of giving, but a wonderful and blessed month of reflection. A time to ascertain what is important in your heart and are the goals and objectives and values in line with the real you. There will be periods of much hypocrisy and much covered up joviality and then the world turns in January. This my friends is a time to look around and take a fearless moral inventory of what you bring to the equation. What do you give as it relates to yourself and how is that translated as an end result? Important here to note that that end result may not be known to you and as such becomes on of Faith and Belief. I can almost 100% promise you that whatever you do has a ripple effect. Ever had someone smile at you? What is your first instinctive response but to smile back. That then places you in a more positive frame of mind. We all know that the negatives and converse is true and the downers and negatives will often make the negatives of the moment more amplified. Heres a hint my gentle readers, avoid the negatives and watch and learn as that can be you and there is always some negative in any encounter and challenge. It would be naive to state otherwise. However my friend, what you do with that challenge is what will define the outcomes of said encounter.

Actualities in society at this time of year may be antithetical to the realisms and as such there is a very high level of expectation for goodwill to man, smile at everything and feel the moments and wish a happy holiday season. That isnt always the case and one must look at why some of the positive feelings happen. The culture of purchasing and gift giving may be linked to positively lighting up dopamine in the pleasure reward system. But as a caveat this may create discord as the recipient may not be as enamoured by the offering as you were. This is statements of expectations and this may lead to resentments. And thats even before the post holiday blues.

Want to feel the realities? Then I suggest to put aside the pre conceived notions of the season and look to the real reason and Faith and Belief that comes with Christmas. What does it mean? What does it mean to you? What do you want? There are so many beautiful lights, trimmings and wrappings... so maybe just to look at it with the wonderment of a child and mindfulness in the moment. Its not all going to be positive and perfect, but the attitude you have and expectations will define the altitude of pleasure and love and enjoyment that can be attained.

To see with those eyes of innocence, is truly to be yourself, often.


--- Dr Joel Lamoure   December 2011 

12:18 pm est 

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