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Saturday, February 25, 2012

People And Their Masks....

Greetings my gentle readers to this week's installment of the "Be yourself, often" blog. This as you well know is a time when we can all sit back and step back and reflect on the opportunities and challenges and successes of the day, week and what we call life on this big blue marble. 

As we look ahead to this weeks topic, just a reminder of the expression that reminds us that we are not the ones in charge here. Its is not that we are the omnipresent beings, despite our common delusional ego-centric belief systems. A good and very humbling reminder. For in reality that and its subsequent ego-perversion is its own mask that we wear. That we are humans with the rare spiritual experience. In converse, we are spiritual beings having a very very human experience.

And so this has started to unmask the concepts of this week's blog, which is the premises of masks. For goodness sakes, we wear so many that its like Tammy Faye bake with multiple levels of makeup that we cant even begin to see the underlying person and real healthy (or pallor) of skin tones that we truly possess and have. What a shame isnt it? Was a great revelation and discussion I have had multiple times this week, and in fact had a topic selected about masks last Sunday! As such, maybe the filter of reflection that Ive had this week is that of the delusional masks that we wear. I know myself that there are so many and it was humbling to apply that filter and mirror to myself.

For the masks that we do wear are not unlike that of Erik, the protagonist/antagonist in the Phantom of the Opera.  Really we do exist in this beautiful cathedral and Opera House of life (and I have seen the famed Paris Opera House) yet exist in this subterranean reclusive pattern and do not see the marvels and beauty all around of us! We wear masks that are compensatory in nature, thinking there is some horrible defect within ourselves. I believe that masks beget masks and more and more are piled on until you cant even begin to recognize yourself. All ego driven of course and purely delusional. Like the magic hat trick and how many CAN you wear? This starts in child hood and play nice, societally acceptable, dont express yourself, get an education, get a job, have kids, develop accolades, win-win-win. Thanks Coach Lombardo for reinforcing the need the "Winning is Everything". It and they are all masks.

BUT, heres the thought of the day and going back to the underlying premise discussed at the beginning of the blog. What if, just what if that underlying thought is accurate that we ARE indeed spiritual beings having a human existence. I actually fully believe that and reinforced more and more as I write these blogs, talk and listen to people (especially my psychiatric patients), and advance my ministerial roles and the radio show "Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E". Just maybe if that is true we are indeed afraid to show the person that we really are? Born in purity, innocence and genuis? With the ability to heal, see and believe? A miracle of the moment? As we progress across life, those masks only dull that set until we in reality are unrecognizable, stifled and suffocated by the "Delusional Ego Mask Overt Narcissistic Syndrome" as I like to call it. And son of a gun and page the Pope... that spells DEMONS. oopsies. Could man really be do demonic with the masks as to commit atrocities, mass murder, starvation, greed, ethnic cleansing, genocide and create at times a hell on Earth? 

Now theres a point to ponder.

Lets look at ourselves and commit to strip down and remove the masks and look at the fact there may actually be spiritual angels that reside within ourselves that resonate with spirit, goodness and kidness. An eye for an eye means everyone is blinded. I would rather embrace the innocence and happiness of a child and be that myself and along the way together you can be yourself, often.


--- Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure      February 2012 

10:31 am est 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

At the end of the day....

Greetings my gentle readers and welcome to this week's installment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog. A time where we can sit back all together with a cuppa Jo and reflect on the sanities and insanities of the week. What it was, what it will be.... but most importantly what we have and can celebrate in the NOW.

I apologize that this blog is being written a day late and likely because (as most people have)... it has been a week of the thrill of Light and inspiration and insight, coupled with the crush of defeat. And to make it better, often these events transpired within mere hours of each other. So after much mindful reflection and the kind words and gestures of friends and feeling like being hit with a whiffle bat, lets see where this goes.

This issue of the challenge matters not in the context of this discussion, for the events have different names my gentle readers but all translate to the same end issue. And that is a feeling that this wasnt and didnt go down the way I planned and prepared so meticulously. You play the game, do the right steps and booya.... theres the whiffle bat! Does not matter what name we ascribe to it. Could be loss, disappointment, grief, agony, separation, unexpected negatives but the same outcome is consistent. The person inside. I cant and will not judge levels of importance. If it bites and feels like a bat, it is.

Here lies last weeks discussion on abundance. What do you wish to pollinate and propagate? More of the same or a different overall long term outcome? Sadly we dont know how long it takes to get to the other side of the tunnel. But resentments along the way is poisonous and deadly... guaranteed.  Resentments about a situation where one has been mindful and honest and true to themselves or others is to denigrate the wins and successes that have gone into the situation. Its like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Its like the cat pooping in your Rice Krispies thinking it was the litter box and then ingesting. Pick your analogy. No matter what, resentments carry a toxic energy that an individual has one foot and one in tomorrow and sadly ends up urinating on today. SO not pleasant.

As you know, we have the Free Will Covenant and the ability to make some choices, to move ahead and beyond the mess of the situation. First off is the chance to step back and reflect from the challenge of the day (and there are SO many) in the course of the Western society! Did you put your all into it and why? If you did, what is the person in there thinking and believing? What was the root cause and root operating system that you have within you. Can that shine and are there masks that are dulling the reflections and ultimately the abundance that we all have? When you are faced with such an eye opening thought it well... opens your eyes. Even more than that if mirrored through the right gentle soul, venue and format can make you realize that ultimately "This too shall pass". That the spirit inside very well may have been repressed and in the societal crud of the day. You arent getting the chance to live your own dream, you are living someone else's dream. And as Harry Chapin said 35 years ago... at end of the day you dont settle easy.

To touch that soul and spirit within is a gentle caress opening up and finding the flame that is within us. A chance to look at our spiritus and touch the eager child within who is brilliant and young at heart. To be able to touch eternity. That is a miracle. There are miracles in the moment as we have described before. We need to step back from the societal drudgery of the day to be able to touch them. Rip off that mask (with assistance from friend and the situation) and say Hi y'all! I'm here! That touch of infinite in the moment, when we can be able to see the Spiritual Code written within us.

And when you reflect it that way, and can fearlessly take a step back.... you realize the buggers did you a favour instead of something punitive. You dont have to add another level to the mask and pander to societal rules and dictates. Maybe by touching the inner self, you have and can see that you have been given a favour and chance and incredible opportunity in the now... and that is to finally be yourself, often.


--- Rev. Dr Joel Lamoure  February 2012 

1:05 pm est 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Prescribing Spiritual HOPE of Abundance

Greetings my gentle readers to this week's installment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog. A time when one may sit down and reflect with a cup of tea, coffee or water and muse of the silent wonders of the week that has transpired and how these may be translated into wins and opportunities of the weeks and months ahead.

 We have been now running weekly with only 1 week missing since September 2009. Its a pleasure having you here. Please feel free to look through the blog archives. There is something for everyone and I can totally guarantee that there will be something resonating for you.

This week we will build on the last week blog and cover two parts. The topic is "Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E. of Abundance". Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E. is actually a radio show that I do with BTR on the ULC Radio Network. The show airs every Tuesday at 9pm Eastern Time and is radio archived. H.O.P.E. is actually an acronym that I have decided best captures what we are trying to do in humanity. It is what we can share and what we can have and something that holds our skirts and trousers up at the end of the day. H stands for holistic health. O is that we must be outcome driven and be able to read from a map in our mind and have a clear delineated destination. P reflects (and last weeks show and blog here were all about reflections!) that the venture and journey that we share is very personal in nature. So much in fact as it has been written that we are not people having a spiritual life and experience, but rather the corollary may hold true. That indeed we are far more powerful in many schema than we expect. That in itself is an incredible and also mind-blowing experience and concept, n'est pas? E is empowerment. For ladies and gentlemen, gentle readers we are the ones that can make the decisions that will ultimately decide and define our outcomes, often in the face of cynicism and deridement. But that we are and SHOULD be empowered to make conscious and spiritual connections that impact and impart on what and how we do things, including basic human interactions, including with ourselves.

That leads to the second part of the title and that is one that we may have HOPE of Abundance. And what is abundance? Basically, it is being able to meet our needs and not our greeds. Abundance is not the shiny BMW (Biatchy Moany Whiny) in the driveway (preferably 3 of them actually), the huge house and the refrigerator overflowing with goodies all for me. Abundance is a way of feeling, expressing and living. Abundance is something that many people strive for in the material world while so many wonderful people are struggling at every step for these material needs. Abundance in my clinical experience (and yes, I am supposed to be a hard headed man of science as a professor and scientist) is in a persons heart and Belief and generosity. Abundance comes when we share in true love. Animals love unconditionally. Humans love with conditions often sadly which creates a non-abundant, ego-centric perspective. All parties lose, especially those of kind heart and soul who just wants a gentle hug and a warm embrace. In my mind, abundance comes from real love and real love is a root intelligent concern for others. Might as well write about Love on Valentine's Day. But I'm not going to give the schmaltzy definition and certainly not reflect from a corporate perspective. Give real love and that is from not the heart, but giving of us in a spiritual way. We are all as humans well loved, but sadly very ego driven and cannot appreciate the abundance of love that we have been granted. Too focused on our OWN God---> Per wit as I believe humanity runs as their GOD is Goals, Objects and Dollars.

So where does abundance really come from and how can we capture it in the moment? That will be discussed in this week's radio show . Hopefully we can learn and advance together, so we and you can be yourself, often.


--- Rev Dr. Joel Lamoure   February 2012 

8:11 pm est 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Polishing the Filter to Reflect Clarity

Greetings my gentle readers to another week's instalment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog. A time when we can all stop and reflect on ourselves, our interface with others and nature and the big blue marble that we call earth, plus the heavens and all things good in between.

This week let us take a look at stopping and reflecting. Reflections. These are mirrored back if the surface that is creating the reflection is good and true. Small ripples or aberrations in the reflecting source will cause a corresponding change in what is seen.

So...let us reflect on actually how we reflect and when we do, what is the filter or surface that mirrors the reflections back to us. We know that the tincture of time tends to heal things and adds a reflective filter of sepia that we consider to be nostalgia. There are more sinister, yet hidden reflective surfaces. One is that of self delusions and the other that of self preservations. Both of these surfaces or filters are inherently what I would call an "Ego-Filter" and as such the reflection that is considered is one of fallacy as it is created to enact and preserve one's own objectives, even at the cost of others. These forms of reflections often come across as gross hypocrisy to then informed and mindless pandering to the general population and wise expressions of insincerity to the uniformed mindless ones who are not able to reflect on their own. In my experience, the latter category people are more worries by people that I call "Boobs Cubed". The body fixated ones, the TV type (immersed with their shows and fashion) and the blunder (self-image) type.... all self (and false)- idoltry. They wouldnt appreciate a valid reflection if it came their way out of FEAR, causing the root endpoint of F--K Everything And Run. Seeya. 

What we need to REALLY do is to look at HOW we reflect and our meditative patterns that create that patterns. It should be in line with reality, as easy as that. And sometimes those reflections and corresponding honesty and truth hurt. I know that from experience. The ego-centric "all important ME" takes over and defends, cajoles and then pummels into submission those that dont reflect the way we want. "Tell the Truth"- you cant handle the truth unless you are able to SEE it my gentle friends!

So, how do we gain this clarity of filter? By example. By practice. By a fearless acceptance of the truth. By listening. By self-reflection and honesty. Our closest friends are the ones that can give us the clarity of honesty and allow us to see our filtering system as it really is. By mindful reflection, we can actually FEEL and be at ease in the head, heart and gut if what we are thinking is indeed accurate. Children and their thoughts and play and perceptions in youth is pure and they speak that of wisdom in honesty. They appreciate the beautiful sounds and such for what they are, not what they see, or even worse are TOLD to see.

To filter through a defective filter is to get an altered image. Many, many people seem to want that. Sad, isnt it? If you want me, send me an email at Please feel free to join me as I'll be off polishing my filter with the goal to be myself, often. Will allow me to be good to myself and others. Join the filter polishers and be yourself, often


--- Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure     February 2012 



6:08 pm est 

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