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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Learning how to Spiritually fly... instrument check

Greeting my gentle readers to another week's instalment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog. This is a time in the course of our hectic and chaotic weeks that we will actually be able to step back and reflect on the challenges of the moments and be able to make some sense out of the insanity of the moments and see the divine balance that actually does exist. That is, of course, if we are able and willing to be patient across time and see indeed that every snowflake falls in exactly the right spot.

I really wante dto build up the last weeks blog and radio show that addressed the concepts of the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly, and the fact the caterpillar has that skill and knowledge inside of itself what it can become. That would also have built off of the radio show "Prescribing Spiritual HOPE" that was done last Tuesday. 

BUT...given there is so much to do in the course of a week and the insanities within each and every day... wherever to start? And that comes around to a flight lesson in learning how to fly as a butterfly. We touched on the concepts that simply being a unique butterfly will and would not protect us from the wind and the elements. What of these first tenuous steps that we take and undertake in our new spiritual world full of the promise and premises of HOPE? (Holistic health, Outcome driven goals, Personal goals and objectives with a huge smattering of Empowerment?)

One may think that as we touch our true spiritual life that the world will change in our favour and that all the negatives will be thrown away in the favour of us being able to touch our room within the mansion of many rooms. But we mustn't forget that as WE evolve and start to shine our light and spread our wings that there is the current present, societal challenges and dictates, expectations, imperfect humanism, pride, lust, greed, envy, sloth, avarice, gluttony, jealousy, temptation and a raft of other winds waiting to blow us of course. Ouch. Plus there is that little factor to deal with called karma. And that might just trip you up and bite you too. Plus that little thing called our believe system and attachment to false gods, idolatry, celebrity worship, dulling through social and television media and of I will be sure to address these VERY controversial and debatable issue on our radio show March 27th at 9pm EDT.

So my gentle friends....we have a bit of awareness that we need to do before we can even consider spreading our wings and flying. I mean... why is aviation 3-5 orders of magnitude safer than even standard medicine? There are a variety of points we can discuss here, but the one I wish to address is the systematic checklists that are employed pre-flight. And I believe this systems checklist and healthy awareness is the very first thing that we need to do once we find our inner Calling. Why? Because to not do so will to at very best risk falling back into old patterns of belief and behaviour. And really, how well did these work for you? Not that well (despite the fact you might disagree) and how do I know? Because you sought inspiration and goals from a Higher Power since what you were doing by yourself with your keen intellect and superior intelligence wasn't working by itself. We needed Backup...real heavy backup. So we evolved and were resurrected.

However, we still have the imperfect body and imperfect mind and imperfect thoughts.... Join me for our free radio show to discuss how to do that instrument check and then the week after we will look at flight plans. For to have the fearless ability to take that moral inventory and check off what we need vs not is to learn and feel and be yourself, often.


--- Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure       March 2012 

9:04 am edt 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Caterpillars and Miracles at the Perceived End

Greetings my gentle readers to this week's installment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog. Ahhh. the time in the week that we can step back and know that we have survived the past 7 days and take some meditative, motivational and reflective time to discourse on the week. To step back and realize and with fearlessness that we may be able with strength and fortitude to move the little boat that we call our lives across the sea to the next port.

And what if we have, or come to, or have foisted upon us the realization that what we thought was the next port of call was really a potential disaster all wrapped up in reefs and that simply the sail-by that we were planning on to get a good view was NOT for us? That somewhere along the way what we thought to be the opportunity was actually a false hope?

Ah my friends and here is where some of the discussions of the past few weeks comes into play. A wise person stated and asked the question of what actually dies and did the caterpillar think BEFORE it came a butterfly? Was it imbued with this sense of dread and disaster that these were the end of its days? That there was no more and that it was sequestered away into a cocoon? Or perhaps all along it realized that it full full of butterfly elements and longing and yearning for the end of the first stage and knowing where it would go next? More just was and at one with the moment and then the miracle of evolution of its life progressed.

And this is the reflection that I take away from the question. Inherently, being humans, we are fraught with the ego centric concept and how to reflect things and what does it mean to us. That actually though is far preferable my friend to the converse where one thinks that they are knowing of all, yet ignorant beyond themselves. We call those people un-enlightened and maybe even arrogant jerks if they try to ram their crap down YOUR throat as opposed of a rational discourse. I digress.... back to the miracles at the perceived end. Simply being at one and content with the moment with an idea of the way you want to head is wonderful. The key is to be at one with the moment and be light of heart, removed from some of the societal dictates and constraints of the day and be able and free enough to express the carefree side that we have. It may be public or in private and what you do, think, say, dress or feel... but there should be some kid-like (read:non-ego centric, full of wonderment and miracles) in the days and weeks.

And then as we are able to progress down the slope of life in that approach, we can realize and have the insight with gentle guidance that what we thought was the end (be it a position, change in location, relationship status) is only the beginning. And if we have REAL fortitude and some gentle friends and a bit of a vivid and open memory and imagination.... we may come to the realization gentle readers that we have all of those abilities to be a butterfly within us. And even more that sometimes the situations that occur that have cocooned us may have actually allowed us to embark on the next journey.

Sure as the evolution occurs for the caterpillar to butterfly.... the butterfly is still subject to the elements and the wind and the seasons and the risks of life. It is not immune. But it has allowed itself to evolve! And if that isnt a sweet place to be vs dying as a caterpillar and not having that chance, I dont know what is.

Incredible feelings to realize as one has been cocooned without even knowing it that the butterfly was evolving and growing. An incredible miracle and thought that can be realised in each of us when we step away from the concepts of the ego-dog and the coulda, shoulda, woulda and BMW concepts, embracing the kid-like (and God-like) rose coloured glasses that we all have (some are broken, but one can still use part of the lens... I believe we have fragments of those glasses- every one of us). And to look through those lenses again in mind and in action will allow us to achieve flight in our Faith and resurrection..... and then one can touch the Heavens, the stars and hold the moon between your fingers and thumb. That we can look and feel with wonderment and embrace the resurrection, which is really tapping into the evolving gift we have nestled within us.

And ironically, to touch that is to touch the Heavens by embracing the kidlike nature in yourself and to be yourself, often.



--- Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure   March 2012 

8:58 am edt 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Defining life with honesty

Greetings my gentle readers to this weeks installment of the "Be yourself, often" blog. Ah yes, a time when we are able to step back and reflect on the myriad of successes and challenges of the week. Time to quietly step back and reflect over a cup of coffee and answer the extistential question. "Was I the pigeon this week... or the statue"? 

Interestingly.. usually you can be both and sadly enough depending on the degree of perspective and how the lens is applied you may actually be both! A hero in one vein and a villain in the other. Ah the joys of trying to satisfy many masters. But where is the you in there? Where is the hope, faith and belief that every human being has the inherent chances, rights and opportunities to have? Well my gentle readers, that is often lost in the fact that we are so wrapped up in trying to achieve what we THINK is important and lose the crucible of the moment. Sometimes to the point where its so bad that the crucible breaks, spilling the contents into the fire. And ouch... burn baby that one hurts like a son of a sun.

Peace, patience, silence, humility and serenity. Not serenity now, darn it! I believe that these 5 items which are my mantra as many of you know are essential to good health and wellbeing. sadly, I dont achieve those very often, but I do try. True serenity I believe will come as the mind quiets down and listens to the silent voice in the wind. And that requires some brutal honesty that is lost in the mind numbing western cultural things that we have. In tv, mass media and social media... we lose ourselves and our minds and our self-identification in things OTHERS want us to believe in. I mean, to have an attention span of 3 minutes on some topics is very sad. Means that we are not able to be able to take in any more than the highest level of sensory input. And that is usually associated with a mind dissolving salve of what the men in the blue pinstripe suits want you to know and do. Sheeple.

I believe that to define a life with honesty and traversing down this road we need to practice and live our mantras. Maybe the "law of diminishing returns" had something to do with life as well. as we rev our little Model T Ford engines in this Ferrari society... we get run over. Seeya baby and booya. Dont write. We do have that choice to race with the big boys but you will lose almost every-time. Sure there are some that win the game.. and its like buying a lottery ticket. Set those hopes, goals and dreams and still get left holding worthless paper. Maybe then we should not focus on the paper, but redefining our lives with that honesty and integrity. To rev the engines mean they blow meaning you dont optimize performance. What if, in line with the Law, that we optimize our efforts to 70-80% and spend the rest of the time on us? To sit back in the buckwheat and appreciate the voices in the wind and the animals in the clouds. Per wit, to be a kid again at heart and in spirit and actions and even more important, beliefs.

That just maybe my gentle readers, through redefining life with honesty and more balance that we are able to infuse in our busy lives what matters. Faith and Belief are 2 key elements in this new crucible. Where and how did the miracles of the moment come from? Maybe youve had enough and dont want to race anymore... I dont blame you. There are miracles abound and I am hypothesizing that by capturing and feeling this Heaven on Earth... you might just be able to be yourself, often.



--- Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure    March 2012 

5:31 pm est 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Balancing Acts of Gods and Generals

Greetings my gentle readers to this week's (albeit late) edition of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog. Ah yes, a time that and when we can step back and reflect on the subtleties and largeties of the day and week, break bread together in a few moments of peace.

This has been such an exciting and wonderful week as it relates to many topics and moments and glimmers of light radiating through unopened doors with the map in the mind serving as a vista to step from. A week where the belief, faith and hope resonated strong and wonderful friends, colleagues and family come to play. These are such exciting times and we are actually exceedingly privileged as we move ahead my friends to have such friends that will help you mind and reflect. In challenges come wonderful opportunities and the layers of the mask addressed.

As layers of the mask come off and we really truly address the core and root individual that we are, it was postulated by a wise colleague of mine that sometimes maybe the world doesnt want to entirely see the total without makeup side that we have. And in fact, it may do us benefit to maintain some autonomy behind a mask or two. Being the person that I am, I can and will wholeheartedly agree, that sometimes the honesty and up front may just be too much for people!

But what a wonderful discussion and reflection to move forward with! And another set of very key discussions had to do with balance. Who is who that we are in the situations that arise and what do we stand for versus the what that the situation demands? And in all of those reflections on balance and that some aspects may just get lost in the mask themselves, it is the root that we must be ourselves often. To look at the who that we are and in balance be comfortable with that person and live the dream that we are living and to do it well and with personal integrity.

In challenges come wonderful opportunities and clarity. That is the times when one doesnt thing that things are going exactly the way that WE expect them to... that always, always, always a new set of opportunities come. Per wit, we have exhausted and come to the end of the map in our mind. Do we play that level again, or with inspirations and support of those around look to the lines and shadows and new doors of opportunity either personally or professionally to advance? And if we knock or try to push open those doors, what lies on the other side? It truly is a fools guess to try to think what the other person may be thinking, planning, doing and in any way, shape or form to step away, fight or impede what the wheel of samsara has come around to. That we are open and receptive and gracious when a situation arises. That is the tool of leaders versus cowards. The choice of Gods and Generals.

For we are to understand and forgive and learn. To make an accurate determination of the lay of the land with a fearless review of the resources and internal skills that we have and possess. That can not be taken away unless we take them away. To practice and belief with high integrity.

And that my gentle readers stems back to the ability to listen careful and as I am learning to ask and encourage the feedback that will help advance the thought process, make it even richer and allow a situation where all are heard. That we are able to feel and see that kind and loving reflection that we have been afforded, and make do and also be comfortable with it! That we then know the lay of the land and what is needed and afforded much clarity, with (most of) the masks removed. And that we are comfortable with that person. This opens the vial of spiritual hope. For that we are allowed then to advance down a complete and holistic path which is rooted in the REAL goals and outcomes set for us, versus what we believe and believed is our due (oh the RICH delusions we create!!!). That knowledge and surrounded by like minded empowers us and the story is all about personalization and this is my story.

Holistic health.... to be light at heart and mind and comfortable with the surroundings and the miracles that abound around us in the momemnt. Yes, I think that just may allow you (and me) to be yourself, often.



--- Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure      March 2012 

8:21 pm est 

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