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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Intuition, Strength and Fortitude

Greetings my gentle readers to this week's instalment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog... that time in the week when we can step back from the week that was and plan ahead in the day that is to the week that will be. All along the way remaining focused and grounded in the moment, filled with mindfulness and reflection on the moment.

Last week I wrote about "Why Me?" and the two different ways that people can approach these challenging questions, situations and events that transpire in everyones life. Whether it is a large magnitude earthquake in your backyard or a smaller tsunami off your coast, it is important to stop and reflect on what is important. I addressed the concepts that we tend to only give thanks when things are good and then wail and lament as our events do not happen as we expect. Darn entitlement. 

It is only when we are able to appreciate the mindfulness and Light and Grace and Spirit in the moment that we are able to accept whatever transpires with equanimity. That doesnt mean to be stone-faced about things. It is I believe ok to cry and feel emotions and happiness and joy. To feel those emotions is the gift of being human and associated with love I feel (and one reason I dont offer Kleenex).

To do these things and feel, be aware of the colour of the grass, the senses at their normal acuity is something that we do not realise until they are removed or impaired. True friends are the ones that will do whatever to help someone else and will accept the negatives and the positives, all in one felled swoop. That I believe allows one not to be a victim, but rather to take that love and caring as a form of altruistic giving. That altruistic giving (so abundantly found in pets and nature) can then be transformed into strength and fortitude.

If we operate under the premise that things are transient and do not develop a sense of attachment, but rather love people and the moment in the moment, we are able to establish a strong form of connection that leads to intuition and Grace. This is why we in part develop a strong sense of sixth sense which is often dulled by things or plans, but heightened when focused on the person and rooted in the moment. Intuition serves us well when we rooted in a spirit based approach, with the concept that all is meant to be and every snowflake falls in exactly the right place. What may seem random and chaotic is indeed, perfect. That is so counter-intuitive to what we know (and societal all about me rules have programmed), accept and entitlement-driven EXPECT in this world. For gosh sakes, we are playing the protagonist in our own personal movie and everyone else is extras... how disappointing is that bubble when it is so quickly pierced, after minutes to years of self delusion?

Strength and Fortitude are virtues that are energy transformed from the love of others and works in sickness and health, rich or poor and in times of stress and happiness. There is no scorecards, no director that will yell "Cut!" or wardrobe extras running out to fan you and remove the sweat stains. Nopes. We all have this and can tap into that well like a rechargeable battery. Sometimes it does seem so much but if one believes that we are given EXACTLY what we are able to handle in the here and now, that battery can recharge, not drain and die. Sometimes strength and fortitude need a boost. Thats where intelligent concern for others comes in, and intelligent, nurturing form of love and knowing, that sometimes comes from intuition.

To be aware of the battery of yourself and others and know where to give that boost and be willing to accept that spiritual booster will help other and yourself be yourself, often.


--- Rev Dr. Joel Lamoure     June 2012   (Fathers Day) 

11:13 am edt 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lightning in our Orbit

Greetings my gentle readers to this weeks instalment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog. Ah, a time when we can sit back with a piping warm cup of coffee or tea and reflect on the moments of the week that has passed. No matter what, good or bad in the week... the thing to keep in mind and consider is that the week has and did and does continue to fold out exactly as meant to be.

This week I decided to focus on a question that tends to come around quite a bit clinically. Usually it is attached to a whine or lament-> "Why me?" For we are the centre of that universe that we call us that encompasses a sun of various appearances and many, many planets. Depending on the individual, the sun (or suns) usually define around Us, Ego or Spirituality or an Other planet. Any of these are planets in and of themselves, but what of the centre core and being of OUR existence? I think that some people may ascribe to having Pluto at their core, but lets not go there- either the buddy of Goofy or a cold uninhabited ice sphere...

"Why me?" is so integral and central in fact to survival and existence as it is a reality check, a way to ensure we are surviving and moving along and either a pathetic whine or a term of self reflection. Lets talk about those people that use these questions as a form of self reflection. These are the inspired ones, the crazy ones... the ones with the square pegs in the round holes. But they are often visionaries and gentle, spiritual and loving souls. I am so fortunate to know many of these people and they are not rooted in the here and now of stuff, but engaged in a dialogue with the Universe. That they accept with equanimity what transpires and then use that to help others, makes them heroes on this rolling blue marble.

These are the ones that Lightening sadly seems to attract... as they have their feet in the water, head in the air and may be perceived to be "poorly grounded". Now that last bit is a scoietally driven spin on the whole matter as I actually find that these people are the most grounded, and serve as a conduit for some pretty bright flashes on inspiration, but ones that may send a non inspired, non-lightning rod person to the morgue. Ouch.. seeya baby, dont write.

People that are rooted in Other vs themselves and in spirituality vs dry dogmas tend to gravitate to the ring around the sun and a position of catching some pretty sweet waves. But it does and may happen again. How many prophets have we NOT heard about in the Bible that went on a 40 day magical mystery tour and had their minds fried? How many miracles unsung? There is so much that exists all around us. And interestingly, like in this case DOES attract like in my experience, totally counter to the rules of magnetism. People that are these divining rods of lightning in their darkest hours attract others of the same spirit and capacity to help prevent shorts and destruction of their grid. These saviours that help us are our grounders, yet also have the ability to attract the power from the sky. They understand and have been there.

So, before you ask the question "Why me?", perhaps we should look to the fact that it is as meant to be, be at ease with that and the untapped skills we have. Perhaps by touching those skills, eventually and at ease in this moment you may be yourself, often.


---  Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure     June 2012 

10:37 am edt 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Perceptions defining conceptual reality

Greetings my gentle readers to this weeks installment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog. A time where may be able to look at the transpirations and transgressions of the week, sit down and try to come to either sense and/or peace with the events. So much goes on in this very busy world that all too often people are not gentle with themselves or others and there tends to expose roots through events that perhaps we do not wish to see. We can see tragedy in the event or a chance for hope or learnings. All depends on the position and desire and intelligence and insight of the person who is mapping out the elephant in the room!

Happy June my friends!

Last week on Blog Talk radio I was able to address some of the spirituality components of a purpose driven life and what we should look for in life and the mindfulness of the moments that we are to be able to capture and relish along the way. The general concepts of the here and now and now and later as relating to the spiritual and prayer based pinnacle of the pyramid that we have looked at the past 4 weeks. If anyone is interested, the bases of the pyramid were mindfulness, reflection, altruistic giving that allowed a person to grow and develop into a spirit based person, which we truly are having a human experience. Due to family urgencies, I wasnt able to post last week and thank you all for the thoughts, understandings and prayers that came along.

This week we will look at where this takes us and the incredible journey that we have unconsciously been on for millennium and will continue to progress down. It is not the man or woman that defines the situation, but rather the obverse. What do you do with good and bad news? Sadly, I believe we squander both the positives and negatives as often the positives are bound to be our right and expectation. (Insert shudder here) and the bad situations are as a result of bad luck. (See previous parenthesis) But what have you done in the situation to conspire against the spiritual and thus the environmental health of the particular situation? IN my experience, people were often incongruous versus their thoughts and actions and especially their speech. In fact, it can be observed to be a triangle or menage-a-trois of deceit and lies. Sad isnt it? And then people get into their BMW (Biatchy, Moany, Whiny) mobile and truck their disaster to the next willing person that will empathise. Sigh.

We perceive the world is against us creating physical and psychiatric and somatic symptoms that self propagates. Or we perceive the world is unfair because one has been afflicted by a negative psychiatric or medical condition. While I fully agree and personally know how devastating that is, it is WHAT WE DO and our subsequent actions and congruency that will define health. Put your money where your mouth is and say it, feel it, act it and believe it! It actually is that easy when you realize there is a Divine plan and if we can connect with that, there is comfort and being at ease with the moment. It is also a form of inspiration to others. People will flock to you to help (and it always seems to be the right people, interestingly) vs abandon you. However, if you take Communion on Sunday and act negative the next day and then feel victimized the 3rd day with blasphemy and actions contradictory to the Sunday piousness... that is hypocrisy. In my observations across the past 42 years, hypocrisy always loses. Integrity does win and good overcomes evil, although there is a seesaw and some days it doesnt pay it feels to chew through the restraints.

Yet we must continue to practice with our thoughts and belief systems. Why? That will define our peceptions and awareness of the situation around us. And my friend, that WILL begat your reality. Hard choices, hard thoughts but the opportunity to save just one live, and that is yours. Once that is done, only then can we truly be good and help one other person. To see that one other person helping 1 other is one of the most rewarding gifts that I have been given in my life. And I feel that gratitude. It is not about BMW, wins, title, position etc... but about what you do with your live and to hold your head high, even in the face of adversity.

Im still learning...we all are. And what an incredible gift to be in the moment, knowing its exactly as meant to be and believe and be at ease with that and that gift is allowing yourself to be yourself, often.


 ~~ Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure    June 2012 


1:47 pm edt 

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