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Saturday, July 13, 2013

“Just The Facts Ma’am”

Greetings my very gentle readers to anther weeks installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog found here at: . Ah, that time when we can sit back and appreciate the calm and soothing sense of nature and the chaos theory that abounds within Her.

This week we will take a look at one of my favourite movies, which is Dragnet. The modified one (of course) with Dan Aykroyd as the uber straightlaced, yet prone to impulsive decisions and actions Sgt. Joe Friday and Tom Hanks as his partner with a list of merits ad citations yet a flagrant disregard for the status quo. The dynamic and yet unusual duo that end up together through some cosmic mis-association in the LAPD. We all know the movie!

The Facts present us well and define us when they are filtered through the chaos of nature vs the amorphic and sometime ambiguous definitive lines that exist in a set culture, society or where there is a rigid pecking order. Quite intriguingly in my observations->  it seems across over 20 years of practice (11 in psychiatry), 140 journal articles, unknown OTN lectures and discussions, over 500 lectures, 3 continents and 60,000 hits to this website alone (plus 6000 on www. ) that the opposite is true.

Home is where the heart is. Not a place of straight lines, but one of amorphic curves. Per wit, embracing nature vs the man made entities that have their manipulation and unpredictabilities. Sometimes, one has to make a set stand in their Belief Systems and in their Creator to see that. These decisions are not easy, but do reflect how expectations can drive one insane. Totally, truly, clinically insane.

A wise person told me yesterday about anger, uncertainty and stress being like a balloon and how every event is like a puff into that balloon. And ways to distress and decompress that balloon…especially where there are factors that cause inherent impacts on the balloon to start with: like abuse, harassment, PTSD, anxiety, loss, grief to name a few. Interesting as I love writing and using metaphors in my sermons and writings.

“Just The Facts Ma’am” and knowing all the facts before making hasty decisions helps prevent inflation of the balloon and wiser minds to prevail. Step back and analyze what are the root causes and cause/effect and epidemiology and taxonomy of the situation and prevent unneeded provocation and escalation. These are the facts of life to live. Peace, patience, silence, humility and serenity as I have stated many times (with varying success). I too fail, often.

Touching nature as it is meant to be in all its glorious, unrefined chaos is an appealing idea. To return to the roots and the Earth is to be yourself, often. 

___ Rev. Dr Joel Lamoure    July 2013

11:18 am edt 

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