Professor Joel Lamoure has served and been affiliated with the University of Western Ontario, Departments of Psychiatry and Medicine at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry where he served as an Associate Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, and was Assistant Director of Continuing Medical Education. Effective August 2010, he added into his portfolio the role of Associate Scientist with Lawson Health Research Institute. Secondary affiliations have included the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto as a Teaching Associate with the SPEP program. Joel's interests include research, publishing, speaking, and teaching. His primary clinical practice was with Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit (MSICU) at University Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario, concluding in 2014 and he is currently working in private practice, with community, research and hospital involvement and is the director of EIM-CARE (

   In September 2011, Joel obtained his D.D from a private seminary school of theology and became ordained as a minister within the Order of St. Michael (OSM) and Order of St. Francis (OSF). Areas of interest in this field as Executive Director, Medical Affairs Board relating to ministerial support and advancing the body of literature surrounding medical miracles, in conjunction with his ordination. This allows a blend of medical, spiritual and metaphysical research. More information may be found in the "Ministerial" tabs on this site. 

   He graduated from pharmacy in 1991. Subsequent diplomas include Adult Psychology (Honours), Child Psychology (Honours) and Police Sciences (1993-1998). He has lectured and given presentations extensively at a regional, national and international level. Publications include a range in both depth and breadth of psychopharmacology and general consultant psychiatry issues plus patient safety issues and concerns. These presentations mirror and interface work done in the clinical settings, research, live and recorded presentations.

   Further interests include reviewing the patient on a bio-psycho-social model and defining the relationship which dovetails into a lecture series regarding stress management. With over 140 journal, impact paper, patient centered opinion, consultant reviews and research posters to his credit over the past few years, his most recent publication venture was co-authouring a chapter entitled "Person Centered Approaches to Psychopharmacology for People with Serious Mental Illness" published by Radcliffe (UK)  under the title Serious Mental Illnesses: Patient-Centered Approaches  (ISBN 978 1 84619 306 4). He has almost 500 presentations to his credit at the beginning of October 2011, presenting over 75 times a year to a variety of community interest groups,  physicians and allied health on a variety of psychopharmacological and psychosocial issues relating to the transitioning of dis-ease into disease.

   In 2012, we are excited to announce the launch of our new, reflective summary of the "Be Yourself, Often" Blog. The book title is "The Peacock on Viagra TM" and links to the text for review and purchase may be found on the "Publications" or the "Be Yourself, Often" blog pages and is being published by Prescribing Spiritual H.O.P.E. Ministries. The ISBN of the new book is ISBN 978 1 300 13093 2 (EReader version ISBN 978 1 300 22241 5) and may be found on Joel's LULU spotlight a . Reflective healings, affirmations and strategies to be the YOU in your day and Be Yourself, Often taken from a 3 year period condensed into 90000 words and 228 pages!! Thanks to all for the inspirational thoughts over the past few years that have made this dream a reality! 

   Teaching areas of focus have historically included patient centered learning for physicians which encompass Introduction to Medicine, Musculoskeletal System and Infectious Diseases (first year) and Ethical Projects, Gynecology, Respirology and Emergency Medicine (second year). For third year medical students he taught psychopharmacology and for post-graduate residents, fellows and psychiatrists provides information regarding interfacing medicine issues in psychiatry and advanced psychopharmacology. In continuing education post graduate, he ishas held roles as the Chair of the Advisory Committee on CME for UWO and sat on the Appointments and Promotions Board in the Department of Psychiatry, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry , UWO.

   Joel's  Accreditation Canada focus is primarily in medication management and medication reconciliation, plus safe and effective delivery of these systems, processes and adherence by hospitals across Canada to these Required Organizational Practices (ROPs). Expertise lies within the managing medications portfolio, with experience in infection control, mental health and critical care medicine. 2012 brought a tour with the United Nations and the UNESCO Bioethics Panel for Canada.

   In recognition of his service to teaching, patient care and continuing medical education/continuous professional development he has been awarded numerous University and Teaching Awards (See under "Awards" tab) from different national and international organizations and universities.



Rev. Joel Lamoure, RPh, BScPhm, DD, FASCP, OSM
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