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Saturday, July 13, 2013

“Just The Facts Ma’am”

Greetings my very gentle readers to anther weeks installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog found here at: . Ah, that time when we can sit back and appreciate the calm and soothing sense of nature and the chaos theory that abounds within Her.

This week we will take a look at one of my favourite movies, which is Dragnet. The modified one (of course) with Dan Aykroyd as the uber straightlaced, yet prone to impulsive decisions and actions Sgt. Joe Friday and Tom Hanks as his partner with a list of merits ad citations yet a flagrant disregard for the status quo. The dynamic and yet unusual duo that end up together through some cosmic mis-association in the LAPD. We all know the movie!

The Facts present us well and define us when they are filtered through the chaos of nature vs the amorphic and sometime ambiguous definitive lines that exist in a set culture, society or where there is a rigid pecking order. Quite intriguingly in my observations->  it seems across over 20 years of practice (11 in psychiatry), 140 journal articles, unknown OTN lectures and discussions, over 500 lectures, 3 continents and 60,000 hits to this website alone (plus 6000 on www. ) that the opposite is true.

Home is where the heart is. Not a place of straight lines, but one of amorphic curves. Per wit, embracing nature vs the man made entities that have their manipulation and unpredictabilities. Sometimes, one has to make a set stand in their Belief Systems and in their Creator to see that. These decisions are not easy, but do reflect how expectations can drive one insane. Totally, truly, clinically insane.

A wise person told me yesterday about anger, uncertainty and stress being like a balloon and how every event is like a puff into that balloon. And ways to distress and decompress that balloon…especially where there are factors that cause inherent impacts on the balloon to start with: like abuse, harassment, PTSD, anxiety, loss, grief to name a few. Interesting as I love writing and using metaphors in my sermons and writings.

“Just The Facts Ma’am” and knowing all the facts before making hasty decisions helps prevent inflation of the balloon and wiser minds to prevail. Step back and analyze what are the root causes and cause/effect and epidemiology and taxonomy of the situation and prevent unneeded provocation and escalation. These are the facts of life to live. Peace, patience, silence, humility and serenity as I have stated many times (with varying success). I too fail, often.

Touching nature as it is meant to be in all its glorious, unrefined chaos is an appealing idea. To return to the roots and the Earth is to be yourself, often. 

___ Rev. Dr Joel Lamoure    July 2013

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

What the Heck Just Happened?

Greetings my gentle readers to another week's installment of the "be yourself, often" blog found at This is the point in time of the week where we are able to sit back and mindfully reflect on the moments that were and the impact that they have had in our lives.

This is our first blog posting of the past six weeks. Those of you who follow our radio show "prescribing spiritual hope" on WULC out of Carrabelle, Florida on the Spreaker network will also have observed we have been off the air for the past two months. I anticipate that not only will the blog be back to its normal weekly posting effective now, and our radio show be on the air again by mid-July at its usual time of 9 PM Eastern time and think all of our dedicated listeners and readers from around the world for staying with the network.

The past couple of months have been an exercise in journey into the deepest recesses and caverns that exist within the mind. A time within the wilderness where over the past 40 days and 40 nights opportunities have presented themselves repeatedly. Unfortunately, as we know in life, and that we as humans are not the divine architects of our own plans, most of the “opportunities” have had a negative flavor. However, the concepts associated with the phrase "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" are all well and alive.

These have been days of a death of dreams and recalibration of determining what is important. A time to realize that what one thought would be logical, in fact was illogical. There were birthdays forgotten by others, promises broken, expectations shattered, religious discrimination, hate crimes, decades of planning eradicated, disease and illness. A breach of confidence by confidents and friendly fire. Bullets that derive from close sources fired under the brave face of anonymity, send through an unwilling messenger. Sadly hypocrisy and vigilante justice is alive and well.

As such, based on what the title states, it leaves one wondering, especially a man of faith wondering why so many good people have been hurt while the sinful, wicked and evil continue to prosper in their lies and deceit, claiming to be and searching “enlightenment” themselves. I use the term in quotes as it is ego-centric enlightenment they seek, not Spiritual Enlightenment. My friends, these are days of learning the highest virtue, which is forgiveness. "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do…”

Within forgiveness, which is an easy word to say but hard action to do lies the resolution of inner turmoil. Resolution of the inner turmoil is not playing it out words and harming other people. Resolution does not lie by constant complaining, self harm, belittling, telling stories repeating stories, playing victim, hatred, or any of the other tools that were initially used against us. I believe, that is why true forgiveness takes longer… Perhaps truly 40 days in the wilderness.

It is about finding again what makes one happy and appreciating that we have the "free will covenant" and do not have to be the same as those that wrong us. It is not up to the courts to make a decision of judgment or forgiveness, but the quiet Light of Divination that says so much. To be able to not focus on stuff, and focus on the Light with clarity and intensity will allow us to be the spiritual being having a human existence and truly be yourself, often.

~~~ Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure     June 2013


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Monday, May 20, 2013

(D)Evolution of the Fiber-Optic Class?

   Ok folks, gentle readers and those that subscribe to this blog at and diligently read this that I apologize for being late (again) this week as its been a time myself  (yet again) of stopping and reflecting and wondering what to write. What is important and what makes the biggest difference at the end of the day. Today is Victoria Day and tried to figure out how to fit in Canadiana and family/fun/fireworks into the mix but just couldn’t work it through. I have had though great opportunities to watch and learn from people this week that had no intention up front of teaching me anything, and from those that did. Actually sometimes those are the most impactful learnings I find.

  The past 3 weeks from my radio show “Prescribing Spiritual HOPE” in a bit of a self-imposed reflective exile I have been able to step back and reflect on the things that drive life, the people that we meet, the items that we have, the gestures that we make and the adventures that we have and share. Really at the end of the day what is important and what is not. Assumptions that we make and how they create the next steps in the running dialogue of the life that is and even more how these subsequently translate into positives and negatives in ours and others’ lives. I will SO agree that everyone sees things in a different light and what is important to some are useless pieces of shiat to others. My goal is not to impose or force my will on others, but to cause us as human beings to think and reflect as well. In keeping with my New Years Resolution (yes, still going :P ), which was to not judge, not jump to decisions and to be careful with the things that were said lest they hurt as words and comments bite more than one knows. Even more so in this electronic world where we are truly adrift… unknowing of the 90% of communication, and just how valuable this is.

All of the rate, tone, pitch, expressions, eye contact, muscular expressions etc. Also reflecting over the past several weeks on why such negative comes to such beautiful people and how in a heartbeat masks are discarded and inner rage can predominate what was once a relationship of love. Reflections on when there are acts of kindness commenced that why do people personalize these events and claim there is unfairness and inequity. Complain and shut down the pipeline of aid instead of trying to network with the pipeline of joy that radiates out even more. Be positive besides positively demoralizing. I believe this will occur more and more in this electronic world devoid of non-verbal human touch and also as the ability to rip off that mask, express oneself and have ZERO accountability enhances. We are not acting as tigers in such ways, but that of jackals.

  Bad things happen to good people and very inspired individuals and great opportunities are given to those that may not seem deserving. I see the opportunities lie here in leveling the playing field. Spirituality is a wonderful way to achieve that objective. I have enough belief and been a fortunate recipient by my wonderful parents and families who always did the best they could with what they had at the time in love, life and empowerment that that might actually happen. Reframing our thoughts and knowledge and being open vs. entitled helps a great deal with that objective.

We are then able and willing (and wanting) to step and aid, even in a small way with my gifts that I have been given to step up to the plate and aid a hero that is in need. Someone that is having a challenge, a good person and needing a stabilizing arm. That I believe we can all offer and help them stand up and brush the dirt from the road off their clothing and watch as they start to progress and shine again. There are sadly very many of them out there. The people that have been blinded, crippled and or beat by societal demands and dictates. Yet these people deserve and want and need to practice and live with pride and integrity in the way they know and understand. Without Judgement or assumptions that hinder and hamper aid. The heroes that give their time and resources to help less fortunate and bolster their potentially fragile egos and feelings and show them some in the world DO care.

  The person that we look to isnt the people at the top of the societal game usually. As stated by the late Harry Chapin, Rich people are too busy hanging on to their wealth and items and possessions, no matter how they got them. The poor person is struggling to make ends meet, yet in my experience those that give and help are those that ARE at a more dis-advantaged state. They give of time, love, caring and experiences.

  Maybe, just maybe what really matters at the end of the day isnt how much money I have, the car I drive, a house on the lake and my symbols and trapping of status. Heck, it didn’t work too well in Sodom and Gomorrah did it. Ouch. Maybe we are creating that psychopathology again, I don’t know and will save that for a theological discussion one day. This time the invisible webs that are reinforcing the Towers of Babel are held up by fiber optic cables and a mask of denial, a false golden calf that we have all strived to worship and achieve in the sense of the great god of Economics.

Where did we lose our definition of a hero and leader? Where did these individuals go? I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer and present at a moving ceremony in the cool wind of a man who gave his life to save 2 others 70 years ago over Lake Erie. One man and LAC Spooner gave his so others could survive. These stories abound and the reflections I had the privilege to deliver that esteemed group related to the fact that “Freedom is NOT free” and also the fact from a previous blog that states we have gone from the “All Seeing I” to the “All SeeKING I”. We have totally lost our moral compass, or at least gone off course somewhere since the days of Victoria.

What is REALLY important is being true to your belief system and standing by it 110%, not backbiting others and integrity/consistency. Put that money where your mouth is. At the end of the day, none of us get out alive in this realm.

So at the end of this exercise...what are MY deliverables? I want the opportunity and joy of a smile, to have helped another and feel the experiences that exist in my own backyard of life. At the end of the day, that kind word, effort even in communications that are not face-to-face, smile and experience is what is remembered. To be otherwise is to be dis-connected with who we are. That creates dis-ease. Personally, I will have Nunavut. I would rather spend my time and energies with those that can advance that same curve and pay it forward. But to do that, we must know ourselves fearlessly, pay it forward, and put our currency where our mouth is. To know yourself, you must be yourself, often.

~~~ Rev Dr. Joel Lamoure   May 2013 

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

“Lessons From Two Components of Mothering”

Greetings my gentle readers to another week's installment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog at . Hopefully, this is a point of time in the week where we can sit back and appreciate the privilege of being here in the sanctity of the moment. For indeed, if we do not believe that each moment in itself is sacred, and I do not believe it is possible to anybody else will be able to convince us otherwise.

Around the world today is Mother's Day. No matter who you are if you are on this planet then you have a mother. This is one of the consistent practice of life that transcend race, color, creed and ideologies. And hopefully, no matter what you see in others, your mother remains and will be the best and brightest light in your life.

A mother is a very interesting individual for the fact that they are able to carry us through to birth and then nurture and teach us nurturing is a miracle in itself. If one wants to reflect on a true Higher Spirit, looking at the miracle of becoming a mother is proof in my mind of a Divine intervention. In the true concepts of motherhood, there is the delivery after carrying a new life across nine months. During this time, a woman is a medical miracle in the point that she has two beating hearts, four legs, four arms, four eyes, and two completely different sets of DNA that coexist within the same body. As stated, that is a medical miracle on so many levels.

To carry this to the next level, this is only one component of motherhood. Even individuals who have not been a mother in the sense of having given birth to a child are mothers in so many other ways and rights. These mothers as well we must hold up today on this very special moment. That is because a mother as well [Mommy) gives of herself in perhaps the most all true mystical and altruistic components.  

Of note, men can have mothering traits in the sense of giving and inspirations but there is the delineation that exists right from Biblical times of man and woman, which we shall support here.

Historically across time, there is the nurture component that augments and complements the nature component. These altruistic gifts of time and love are not often appropriately appreciated or captured. These often are related to moments of teaching and kind thoughts to be able to help leverage an individual, animal , plant or mineral (all forms of nature) ahead. I believe that true mothering is a combination of an intelligent love and concern for others when coupled with a strong root belief system in stewardship and respect of how everything interfaces together. It is accepting without judgement the days of good and bad and using these learnings to leverage to the next day so the one that is learning (and as well the mother) both benefit from this symbiotic relationship. A gift…the present.

And with this not be an incredible thing to teach? And even more so, an incredible thing to learn. We tend to call this “Mother Earth” or "Mother Nature” in part because of the stewardship and appreciation of the fine lines and shadows that cross every living creature on this planet. In fact, some mothers have an appreciation of how this planet interfaces with the world of metaphysics beyond. To step back to the here and now, perhaps we can learn from true mothering as we progress through our days. We can learn to have a soft kiss and embrace on everything that we do. Intriguingly, capital or corporal punishment is rarely effective beyond creation of walls of fear.

Maybe we as a human race can learn from the teachers of motherhood [nature and nurture components) who are the leaders in the field, and who we are celebrating today to practice in a more gentle way. A way not of harsh words or judgment, but the way of gentle embrace. Perhaps then as a race we would not be so surprised when we ourselves (with no one to blame) make judgments of folly and see negative outcomes come into our path, wondering why we always get the negative end of the stick and then demand a recount, a better mark. This is a problem of pathology if the person repeats this over and over (we all know these toxic souls and mercy to them) and to expect a different outcome is well….insanity coupled with a lamentable lack of insight they can overcome. For if we are approaching up front without judgment, malice and respect the insights of these higher powers (like a true mother), then perhaps (likely) our end results will become better and brighter. 

I can only hope that humankind will consider these ideas because as we are progressing, this is antithetical to true motherhood. We are experiencing and going through a de facto insanity as a society currently. Expecting everything, giving nothing, anonymously judging and wrapped in conspiracies and when we get nothing that we had hoped for and then becoming disappointed. This makes us angry.  Who ever told us we were so darn entitled?  Not those very wise persons as we define mothering, that soul who gives and gives to the person she brought life to (metaphysically or physically or spiritually). Motherhood is perfect awareness and translation of talents to achieve stronger outcomes in their young, always striving for better in mankind. Mothering is also about forgiving and even when you dont like the person's actions, still loving them. I have been very lucky if I use these definitions and thanks to my own Mother for these insights. <3

We have the ability to be as Christ in image but actions sadly detract from the wonderful creatures of light that we are. It is a sad dichotomy because we sanitize our hands and sanitize our lives and are not able to embrace the fact life has a beautiful balance of dichotomies. Play and work, light and dark. We can be and do so much more through the kindness given in altruistic ways…mothering.

Perhaps if we were two learn from the true concepts of mothering and stewardship of the nature and nurture components then we can advance ourselves and ultimately through osmosis impact positively on all. You can truly be yourself, often. 

             ~~~ Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure  May 2013  (Mothers Day)

8:17 am edt 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

“Freedom is Not Free"

Greetings my gentle readers to another week's installment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog at . Hopefully, this is a point of time in the week where we can sit back and appreciate the privilege of being here in the sanctity of the moment. For indeed, if we do not believe that each moment in itself is sacred, and I do not believe it is possible to anybody else will be able to convince us otherwise. Reflecting on this statement, it comes to show exactly the weight of the moments of the days before, the decisions of the been made, the beliefs that have been translated into actions that allow us the opportunity to be exactly where we are. A time indeed of remembrance.  

And indeed, where we are is exactly where we are meant to be. It is by virtue of our  beliefs that drive our thoughts, which drive our thought processes, which trigger neurochemical changes in our brain in order to stimulate bodily transmitters that allow us to translate thought into action. It is you the gifts and actions of spirituality and karmic energies that will translate our actions into outcomes. As we stop and think about these conceptualizations, we realize that absolutely everything that we do as a spiritual route with in it. I do not believe that we are able to have positive outcomes if we only put negatives into the equation. While this may occur for a short length of time, across the months and years inherently this will catch up with an individual. Unhappy with your job? Complaining about everything not going your way? Why then, are you surprised when your job is lost, your friends leave because they have heard this same complaint over and over again, and you are left alone. Sadly, this becomes the self-driven prophecy.  

Going down this theory, in order to achieve freedom, we must be willing to make a stand for what we believe in. Freedom, as it is well stated, is not free. It is an end result of making a stand for what we believe in, rooted in thoughts and spirituality, which ultimately define and drive our actions. Freedom is not about merely speaking, but about being willing to stand with conviction for what you believe in. Ideally, freedom would be interspersed and as human beings we would be willing and able to understand each other's perceptions and as such could achieve freedom at a larger scale.  

Indeed, do you not think that is possible? Even though we as human beings are different and have different thought processes, it is possible that some of the thoughts may overlap and be able to enrich in others lives if we were willing to take off blinders. For wit, to allow the scales to drop from our eyes. However, it is very difficult to be able to be willing to understand, much less accept, another person's point of view in the face of hostility. In true human nature, and in order to achieve and strive for freedom, sometimes stand needs to be taken. But what a better world this could be if we were able purely to be able to understand and appreciate each other's differences and dovetail it into our own.  

This is where we see that we are different. If all individuals were full of love, light, peace and the desire to advance humankind then we would not have the negative outcomes that we see. Positive outcomes usually appear in the form of the structuring of a cultural identity, way of life or meaningful representation of  Spirit in an earthly form. This is where the dark side of humanity eclipses the positive radiance that is able [and should] be emanating like a beacon from each and every one of us. From a scientific, educational, cultural organizational perspective when each and every one of us are at our brightest it advances a culture and from a heritage conceptualization defines our history. It is most unfortunate that hatred, darkness, warmongering often denigrates humankind and produces the negative outcomes that we observe.   

Our history and our past is defined by individuals and their root belief systems that have translated across the decades, centuries, and indeed millennium to bring forth the ideally creature of light that is reading this currently.  

How free are you? It is better to aim for the stars, and be allowed and able to do so, and to miss then to never try. We have that ability to advance ourselves through this experimentation that we call life. Never trying, or facing repression is like having the wings bound. We never get the chance to try the fly. And that, my gentle readers is a horrible place to be, meaning that we are missing out on the gifts and sacrifices of the days and years past, indeed our own efforts. For in this journey of flight we want you to be yourself, often.

      ~~~ Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure  May 2013 

8:25 pm edt 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

You CAN Paint it Black…or White! (Or Fuchsia!!)

Greetings my gentle readers to another week and another installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog at . This represents perhaps a checkpoint in the week when we can step back and reflect of the moments and sands of time that have traversed the hourglass and gave themselves to help us reach the point and state that we are today. And that the moment and present that is the now can be translated into the dreams of tomorrow.



There are so many potential subjects that can be addressed from a spiritual nature filtering through the concepts and parameters of H.O.P.E., which we are striving towards.  This is a worthy spiritual agenda that advances our holistic health and ways that we can capture and encapsulate it, outcome driven objectives, personalized perspective and the end goals and challenges associated with empowerment.


If we agree that we are spiritual beings having a human existence and proceeding through the school of life, with all of its classes, challenges, dynamics and trials/ tribulations then we can consider each step begets the next. Ther are the challenges and roadblocks that exist and demonstrate themselves in the course of our life and how we perceive and deal with these define outcomes. Certainly, there are freak accidents and events that we cannot even begin to conceptualize as to the why of them occurring. Far too often, bad things happen to good people and where we translate the learnings defines our “mark” in this particular class.


Do we focus on the learnings in the moment or dream towards the future? Remain firmly rooted in the past perhaps? There are certainly pros and cons to all of these and perhaps as opposed to having to pick one, in this class of life perhaps we may be able to approach it more as a smorgasbord or buffet of life. There are the various courses that we are fully able to mix and mingle and intersperse with other components. Nothing saying that we cannot take the past learnings and nostalgia of times go by, be aware of those moments and enjoy a quiet reflective moment and a tranquil smile. Knowing that YOU have been given that gift to experience such a wonderful thing and that it can persist across the quantum dimension of time… and time past is equidistantly dead and are unable to touch or change that past. So our filter of perspective should be one of positives, for want of otherwise living in regrets.


To capture that moment in the smorgasbord is an intense blend of utilization of our 5 senses in the here and now and encapsulated/imprinted on the psyche in the moment. These imprintations will trigger future memories based on sight, sound, touch, taste, or smells are the root of the event and stimulate our wits, which senses used to be termed in Shakespeare’s time.


But perhaps my friend we are even more than that from a spiritual existence and the senses impart a feeling which we can link and be aware through the gift and inspiration of cognition. So many other senses then are drilled down such as pain, nociception, kinesthetic sensory input and so much more. That we are able to balance and assign a “feeling” to an event that files the event in the sensorium in the filing cabinets of good or bad also will translate through across time.


So then, what we absorb, intuit and feel will become the picture that we will carry around in our mental wallets forever, and through the premises of HOPE can assign the degree of robustness and richness the picture will have. Personally, I feel the truest way of remembering an event in true vivid high definition (HD) imprinted in our mental wallet is to have the event resonate on all senses, embracing it with the gifts and talents and being that we are. My father used to call it being “in country”, which means that we fully immerse ourselves in the surrounding environment and learn by being part of it. That is a wonderful way to collect facts and understand the why of the event as opposed of standing by passively and casting stones and Judgement.


Moments that are very dichotomous in nature as well tend to be filmed in the very best HD film as well. These moments can be easily created by the observer and often creates a smile and pleasurable associations if they are planned to be. They are the adult at play, Light within a period of dark, Water element touching earth and a kind smile on a gloomy day. Captured in fact by the Rolling Stones on their album “Aftermath” and the song “Paint it Black”.  We can be light even in dark.


That is the root of spiritual living is to be the beacon of light and provide a positive lesson to others in the moments of darkness. To help others in an altruistic way see and be the positive side of the dichotomy. There is a choice and that is to be the negative…if you wish. But by seeing the light and positives, then we can help others see it and then me and you can be yourself, often.


     ~~~~ Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure    April 2013

2:06 pm edt 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yea Though I Walk Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death
…I Fear NO Evil (Psalm 23). 

Greetings my gentle readers to another week's installment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog at . This is the time where we can sit back with our favorite pieces of reflective company and step back from the chaos of the week that was. Too often, we do not
take the appropriate steps and moments of peacefulness and tranquility and rush through each thing in order to get to the next. Turn off the television sets and reflect on the wonder and beauty of the moment. There is so much beauty,and so sad that evil sells… and we do NOT have to buy.
So, here we go my fearless friends. Look at where you are in the here and now. Value and look at family, friends, health, where you live, what you have, what you get and what you give. That fearless Fourth Step Moral Inventory.. without all the naughty and nice attached to it. Even if there are downs, that’s a sign you are alive and then you have the ability to make choices and decisions and look and work with the Fates to write the next set of chapters in your book. If there are up then I can guarantee that complacency, greed, selfishness are choices that can and will push you down. This is the "Story of a Life" which is also the name of a song sung by the late Harry Chapin and released on his last studio album.   "...And for every dream that took me high, There's been a dream that's passed me by.  I know it's so true” Harry Chapin Reference: 
 It IS the story of your life and the next decade is but another chapter and with the love, insight
and use of your gifts and advancing yourself and others, use of courage, avoiding judging and being gentle to yourself then it will be the best of when we look back. We have the chance to stop and reflect on the choices that we make and how we live our life.  But what a week that was with terrorism, mass murder and also natural disasters and explosions. The world may seem to be insane and for sure adds to the challenges that there are. But we have a choice in the story of a life that we enjoy. We do not have to engage or participate in this type of behaviours and we can advance our kindness by turning off and engaging in positivity and not hatred and anger or denial.
We can learn through respect and basic intelligent human kindness and appreciate each other and what we are able to do and care and share. So sad indeed that in the face of all the hatred and
trauma that there are conspiracy theories and denial of the hurt that just makes the hurt worse. There appears to be a paucity of kindness and thought processes that consider where we are in the world, lead to more unanswered questions. What about the facts, finding of information and not judging? Are we really the right ones to cast the first stone? Are you?
Galatians 5:18 and 22 states that “But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness”. 1 Timothy 1:9 offers that “We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers” with the reflection in Jeremiah 33:6  states “Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.” “Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.”
Can you believe people get hurt because people do things and actions to try to discredit others that results in a third party being hurt? Brainwashing, hatred, terrorism at a small or large scale. Its called bullying. It is a state of ego imbalance and these individuals are inherently egomaniacs with an inferiority complex. They are all about them, don’t listen to reason and will undercut you in a
heartbeat. Been there and seen it. People die...
Put the ego on a diet and take in what you need and whatever you get, try giving some of it away again. That is part of the key to abundance. The second parameter here is watching WHAT you
take in and make it count. You would on a real diet and this one means much more. People may REALly start to listen and ask of you and listen and reciprocate. To earn that though involves much mindfulness of what you taken in and your body and mind, which I have learned from a couple very close friends and then 2 weeks of observations into both beatific behaviors and spiteful soliloquies
and vehement victimization.  
There is evil and kindness, vitriol and love. Light and dark. Which side and which sells and where does the line get drawn and re-drawn?  What are the belief systems you are will define the results that occur secondary to the behaviours and actions you enact. We are created in God's image... to be yourself, often.
                      ~~~ Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure  April 2013

6:32 pm edt 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

“All-Seeing I” OR “All-Seeking I”?

Greetings my gentle readers to another week's installment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog at . This is the time where we can sit back with the silence of our own mind and step back from the milieu of the week that was. Too often, we do not take the appropriate steps and moments of peacefulness and tranquility and rush through each thing in order to get to the next. Is really that not insanity?

Along the concepts of hope we appreciate that there are at least four dimensions that we need to explore in order to achieve optimal hope. The first is holistic health, second is outcome driven objectives, third is the fact that everything we do is personalized and the final aspect is that of empowerment.

I read once upon a time (for really, mustn't all stories, fairy tales and blogs start with that line?) that mankind is the creator of the straight line. Where my friends do straight lines exist in abundance in nature? Certainly at a more molecular level one might agree in the bonds between atoms, but really what we call a tree, a blade of grass etc. is NOT straight. Non-straight lines hurt our linear mind unless like a willow, we are willing to bend, adapt, adjust and do so without judgement. What do we strive for and what our objectives. For we know that Saul wandered until the scales were lifted from his eyes and then was enlightened in sight, spirit and soul.

Nothing is said about the commercialism or components of stuff infusing or suffusing him with the insight, but rather a flash of divinity and inspiration. Too often though that radar dish that is in our mind is shorted out and dulled by the promiscuity and curves of the seductress of life and stuff. We are lulled into a false fullness and complacency which curbs our enthusiasms and abilities to truly make a difference. Even worse, it makes it hard to see beyond the “All-Seeing I”. Even worse is that it becomes the “All-Seeking I” and there is nary a moment from friend or neighbor, friend or learnings but rather stuff, negativity and vitriol.

Too often we try to put the square peg into the round hole and try to make the darn thing fit and conform. Uh-uh, no way and ain't gunna happen. Cant we realize that we are equipped to aid, listen and share? To have all seeing and all-seeking but as and with the gifts and presents the world has to offer in the Present? Really, the miracles that abound?

The only way that we can make this equation work if we morph the peg to fit, either by accident or design. I have said it before that we are Model T Fords in a Ferrari society. Per wit, we have been transmogrified to "fit" the society allowance, rules, expectations and accountabilities. Remember the square peg? Thats got to hurt once you start cutting off the chunks that dont just conform beautifully (and I use that word in a very deliberate way) to the level of expectation. "Do this, do that, can't you read the signs" as the Five-Man Electrical Band would state in their song from the period of the age of Aquarius. Why can individuals not just respect the premises of intelligent concern and kindness for others and practice that? Resonate with the crystals that they are and feel the beauty and be able to express that inner joy? That would make some of the conformities more acceptable and shave off a little less of the peg... thus making life more rewarding and fulfilling. What is important, respecting others, caring, a few true friendships, a soft word and the scents of ambrosia. 

These are the things of the amorphic. Sorry people, we are so much more than a job, title, position and user of oxygen on this earth. We need to go beyond the tangible and look to the special, secret moments and quiet voice that exists within all of us. To express ourselves as a flower expresses itself in what we do, how we function and how we dress. To judge these freedoms of expression that do no harm to others is well, narcissistic and egocentric. Sorry... you are selfish. "Judge not, lest ye be judged". Dog eat dog baby.

Does it have to be this way? Nope. Does everything have to be rationalized to death? Nope. Does everything have a rational answer? Nope. And by looking at the irrational and the spur of the moment, the winds of war... the greatest insights, opportunities, gifts and flames alight. Keep your eye open for those Doors of Fate that arise in the midst of the darkness, not focusing on the fact your life sucks that you are in a period of darkness and that you DESERVE (darn it) the light and gifts. 

You know my friends, you might... just might find a square hole. How? Express yourself with gratitude, humility and with hope, faith and belief and Be yourself, often.


~~~ Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure  April 2013


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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Do you Know your Pathology and Route to Freedom?

 Greetings my gentle readers to another week's installment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog at . This is the time where we can sit back with our favorite pieces of company [warm drink, soft pet or other] and step back from the milieu of the week that was. Too often, we do not take the appropriate steps and moments of peacefulness and tranquility and rush through each thing in order to get to the next.

Along the concepts of hope we appreciate that there are at least four dimensions that we need to explore in order to achieve optimal hope. The first is holistic health, second is outcome driven objectives, third is the fact that everything we do is personalized and the final aspect is that of empowerment. Bar too often we go through life as if feeling that we are a victim. I have touched on this theme multiple times through this blog. However, being a victim creates its own sets of psychopathology and ruts that individuals tend to get comfortable in. Life is perceived as unfair, unjust, and that an individual develops a learned helplessness [in fact almost a degree of institutionalization to the societal driven mechanisms that overwhelm us) to everything around.

But what of the individuals that tend to be the aggressors? What about individuals that are aggressors without even realizing it, constantly pushing ahead in their own agenda without realizing the impact on others? Too often, we are seeing a polarity of society where there are victims and there are aggressors. The individuals in the middle are left not knowing which way to turn and create a degree of un-empowerment, thus turning to one of the two poles. Certainly, we realize there are individuals that are aggressors and wish to be aggressors. They wish to control and overwhelm by their simple actions, decisions and often their narcissistic, grandiose delivery. Often, these individuals are egomaniacs with an inferiority complex and hurting others is the way that they achieve righteousness in the world. Somehow, I think it is even worse when these individuals label themselves as “inspired and enlightened" individuals. For in retrospect, these individuals are anything but. Now, it may be secondary to karmic energies and their past experiences, but that does not mean that an individual is not able to change.

We have the ability to help individuals that see themselves as victims, or see themselves as aggressors achieve a degree of enlightenment about their pathology. In the DSM-4-TR (in psychiatry speak), there are several types of personality disorders, which are delineated into three separate classes. The first is cluster a, the second is cluster B and the third is cluster C. Per wit, we label these three categories as "mad", "bad” and "sad". Really, we are seeing a disparity and conflict between the cluster B and cluster C categories. Cluster B are the individuals who are antisocial, borderline and narcissistic in presentation and delivery to a point where it becomes pathological. These individuals as such would see individuals with cluster C as easy "pray" because cluster C individuals are those who are fearful and needing of love and attention. In the world of psychiatry, we denote these individuals to be dependent personality disorders or obsessive-compulsive personality disorders.

As such, we see that it would be very likely that there creates conflicts between Mars and Venus, or cluster B and cluster C respectively. I believe, that it is made worse when we are not individuals that are in touch with our spirituality, but in touch with our societal driven objectives. Really, is it possible for an individual to change their stripes? Yes. I believe it is definitely possible through a combination of prayer, play and healthy living. A high degree of mental fortitude in order to realize exactly where an individual is and be comfortable with that individual in the mirror is a first place to start. Having the strength and willingness and insight to realize that there is something wrong will allow an individual to take the expressions of concern from another individual, rooted in love to be able to realize there is a problem. Love is an intelligent concern for others, and as such when an individual takes of their time and health and thoughts to be able to express a concern, that is love. True love is very rare, and unfortunately we do not realize it until it is either gone or damaged. I myself am guilty of this sin.

However, it does not mean that we cannot touch the spiritual side and appreciate really who we are. That is, that we are spiritual beings having a human existence. The gods are not crazy, and we have been placed on this earth in order to realize that there is more than what is sold on the 6 o'clock news, or the 14x 30-second commercials, which occur through the 6 o'clock news. It is information overload.

My gentle readers, look to those people who truly love you and say the things that are hats you do not want to hear. It is rooted in love and concern and the desire for you to be a stronger individual. Love is not mean. Love is not hateful. Love does not boast. Love does not make itself to be better than the other. Love does not use titles. Love is a simple expression of human kindness expressing an intelligent concern for others, that ultimately if we can touch the simplest things through prayer, play and seeing things through the lens as if we were a child again, then you may have a chance to be yourself, often. 

~~~ Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure  April 2013

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Emotional-Based Living: All the Rage!


Greetings my gentle readers to another week's installment of the "Be Yourself, Often" blog… that time in the week which hopefully you look forward to in order to try to filter through and make some sense of the week that was. Even more so, perhaps the impact and components of YOU in the week filtered through healing and HOPE. Hopefully, you bring with you some questions that are left un-answered through simply living the week. Not enduring the week, but rather embracing it! For really, are we not students in this life? Are we not always eager to advance our learnings?

As we discussed last week, the evidence informed life is one that we have an understanding of our built in thoughts and biases. There is an appreciation of the subtleties of the moment and the impact that we have in these events having transpired as well as what we subsequently do with these events moving forward. We now also realize this concept can advance our spiritual karmic battery charges and leverage us even better for our future through active involvement. Sorry folks, passivity or entitlement will not work here. It is an active process.

Indeed, it is not about simply living this life but since we are spiritual beings having a human existence, then it stands as a logical extension of this concept that we will impact future lives as this spirit returns in whatever form.

That is belief. It is a factor based in hope, faith and belief that as individuals we have this opportunity to live in this sort of way. However, how many people truly believe that they have this opportunity in the future. Our individuals truly squandering the moment in life in order to achieve short-term outcomes question per wit, are our earthly hormones and desires driving us.

An emotional-based life is one where despite all evidence an individual will progress down a maladaptive pattern of use. In fact, we can go one step further and say it is a maladaptive pattern of miss use of a normal resource available to us, which is life. We KNOW value and we know what the artifically ascribed associations mean to us, which are susequently sold in marketing ploys (Platinum card, King-sized bed etc). SO sad.

I do believe it is possible to become addicted to the excesses of a Western driven culture. Much I can to an addict, and individual rooted in emotions [including negative emotions such as the demise Asian] loves the effect of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine in the brain the keyless acumen's is associated with drive and pleasure. This is the root cause of addiction. As stated, addiction is basically a maladaptive pattern of use. I mean really, how is the way some people live their life really any different?

How much in the way of excesses does a person actually need? Gandhi stated there is enough for everyone on this earth in need, but not in greed. Thus if we take a look at individuals who are in the top 5% of earnings and can buy whatever they want those 5% of individuals own 90% of all the stuff.

There is a reason that Dante identified the seven deadly sins, of which one is. Really, and emotional-based life has a strong degree of interplay between these seven deadly sins. They include, but are not limited to: last, greed, sloth and gluttony to name a few.

If you want to embrace a emotional taste life then you sadly may have been sold a false bill of sale. For these emotions have been biased and altered through changes in brain chemistry. This opens up the concept that there are different stages of emotional-based living. Perhaps, we can integrate our positive emotions into our evidence-based and evidence informed living.

If we take the converse of gluttony, then we are looking/ and need to look at the individuals who are and have stripped away the excesses in order to really understand who they are and the impact of what they do in their lives. These are individuals who are at ease with the moment through mindfulness, meditation, prayer and positive play. The shackles of consumerism do not bind them.

It is okay to ground, be a kid, not have everything designer, and not have 20 pairs of shoes, 30 skirts or 40 shirts or 60 pairs of socks. Can we express and share or why do we covet these things? Can we not ground and connect and love and live life? Perhaps, we can take a look at some of the humility that was identified by Buddha or Jesus Christ.  Individuals who looked to collect members and Disciples who were average individuals and laborers. But mindful people. 

Maybe, just maybe we can live in peace, patience, silence, humility and serenity. Perhaps, all of this plays in together through positive discourses.

What is the cost of this venture? How hard is it? What are the outcomes.

Well my gentle readers, the end outcome is to bind with the amorphic side of nature and beauty and be yourself, often

~~~ Rev. Dr. Joel Lamoure   March 2013

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