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G - Networks 2010 Music Production

Music Therapies
    Music therapies are often used in a variety of medical settings. In the bio-psycho-social approach, there are many ways that an individual may heal. Ever felt "connected" to a piece of music or "in tune" on a sad day when a melancholic song occurs? Or on the converse, more "upbeat" when there is a strong beat, horns and drums going? Music ever make you reflect? Well, it should. Music invokes emotions and mindfulness on the music at hand. Being centered entirely on the music at hand would then delp decrease anxiety and subsequent complications, such as pain. This has been proven in a variety of studies with a vvriety of music in many mental health conditions, especially over the past decade. How doe music influence and affect you?
Questions and Overview of Publications (Abstracts)

Professional Primer Overview of Common Drug Interactions via Interactive Web-Brain
Bio-Psycho-Social overview including impact of smoking dependence, pollutants,  juices and more on the CYP Isozymes and genetic polymorphisms (especially CYP2)
(Prepared by R. Stovel)

Patient resources on depression and antidepressants
(From Lamoure J, Stovel J. Depression: A Deeper Shade of Blue. Pharmacy Practice. 2009; 25 (1): 38-42)
 Overall holistic discussion in depression: ·        Excellent source of information regarding medications (e.g., side effects, drug interactions, dosing) for patients.
Canadian Mental Health Association:  ·        Nationwide voluntary association that provides information to patients on a variety of mental health issues. Designed to promote mental health, resilience and recovery through advocacy, education and research.
Mood Disorders Society of Canada:·        National, non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life for patients with depression and other related disorders.  Site includes an online discussion group and an extensive list of national and provincial resources.
Life  ·        Canadian website developed by healthcare professionals to provide readers with general health information. Contains an excellent section on depression.  Also aims to help people evaluate medical information in the news. 
Moods Magazine: ·        Quarterly Canadian publication for patients with mood disorders.  Includes information, self-tests and an “ask the pharmacist” section.
Mental ·        An excellent website providing a comprehensive overview of different types of mental health disorders.  Lists many different resources, including news, book reviews and information on self-help groups.
Centre for Suicide Prevention: ·        Alberta-based organization that offers a library and resource centre with information on suicide, as well as suicide prevention training.  Also includes an extensive list of crisis centres and suicide hotlines across Canada.
Mood Disorders Centre of Excellence: ·        University of British Columbia-based centre that provides innovative programs of care.  Also conducts clinical studies on mood disorder causes and treatments.
All About Depression:  ·        Comprehensive online resource that provides accurate, current and relevant information about depression.  Also includes self-tests and a discussion board.